Monday, 16 April 2012

Always pack a spare

The problem with security doors that require a security pass to open automatically is that sometimes they just don't work no matter how many times you wave your pass in front of the sensor.....

Who knew I would want to get into work so desperately that I would wander aimlessly around the building until I found one of the 4 doors that provides access that works?!

But that is all besides the point....

Today I decided that I would wear stockings. With a pretty pattern no less.  I'm not a fan of tights mostly because I have a habit of putting holes in them each time I need to pull them up.  I rarely wear them mostly because I am lazy but also because I am a shortass....and so I spend a lot of the day straightening them up, more so when they are patterned. 

I did well on the way to work and walking into the office.  I thought I would straighten them up before I started my work day only to stick a hole in one right under the knee.  I've had them on for less than an hour! 

In future, I might just stay lazy....

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