Thursday, 7 July 2011


1.     When the Abi fluff learns how to get on the couch and chairs it is an idea to move things out of her reach, otherwise, you may receive a phone call from Beautiful B asking where you left your slaved over cross-stitch, pattern and thread, only to feal that dread when you know why such a question is being asked.

2.    When you come home to punish the Abi fluff, even though you feel mildly guilty because it is your fault for not moving it away from the inquisitive 15 week old puppy in the first place but know you must teach her a lesson none the less, it is an idea to shut the door to the room that has a cupboard with no doors on while they are being painted; otherwise said baba fluff may well run away, into the cupboard and under the adjourning bath and refuse to come out.

3.     When you do coax her out, by banging her metal food dishes to make her think you are going to feed her, and pick her up she will wrap her little paws around your neck and lay her head on your shoulder and all will be forgiven and your heart will melt again....

....oh and you will feel even guiltier.

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