Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lessons.....part 2

Thankfully Beautiful B's lesson and not mine this week, though somehow we managed to "pay" for it as Beautiful B went out and left us to it.....

When the hairdresser arrives with mini brownies in a nice plastic box it is an idea to move them out of puppy (Abi Fluff) reach when you disappear upstairs to have the bleach washed out of your hair otherwise....

....you come downstairs to find only 2 left and 8 eaten; and

....your parent decides to take said puppy out, with her family, for a 5 km hike in the hopes of a) ensuring that any resulting bowel issues are solved outdoors and before they return home and b) any hyperactivity as a result of caffeine consumption will be negated by the 5km hike; and

....the mummy (Cala) fluff has a horrendous time on the 5km hike as the baba fluff thinks it is fantastically funny to feel such a caffeine rush that she spends the whole 5km hike running around in circles and randoming barrelling into mummy fluff in the hopes that she will surrender and join in; and

....the 5km hike does not work and baba fluff spends the whole of the evening running around the house like a nutter, finding every squeaky toy imaginable to play with, dragging the toybox out of the corner and tipping it upside down in the middle of the room to find the smallest toy at the bottom, managing to do somersaults because her little legs won't run as fast as her brain wants to.

I, however, will thank whatever higher power exists for baba fluff crashing when she does finally go to bed even if she did wake me up at 4.30 a.m. and for 8 mini brownies not resulting in the expected bowel issues....even if she has reverted to running around like a nutter again.  The house and garden looks like a squeaky toy graveyard!

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