Sunday, 19 June 2011

To the men in my life.....

Dad, you taught me how to be the person that I am.  I have lived in a different country because of you, even if I could only speak 3 foreign words when we moved back the UK, I was after all only 6.  You bought me a puppy in the hope that I could learn to be unafraid of dogs after being bit by an old English Sheepdog when I was two.  That dog, Bobby, became my best friend and my shadow for 14 years.  Thanks to you I am that unafraid I now have 4 dogs.

You taught me morals, you taught me how to work hard for what I wanted, you taught me that a job should be done right not half-heartedly, you taught me to enjoy study so much that I have continued to study all of my life, you taught me the love of books, you taught me how important it is to put others and their feelings before your own.

You put up with the chip (otherwise known as the mountain) on my shoulder until I grew out of it, you disciplined me as was needed until I learnt to behave, you punished me when it was needed and you withheld pudding until I finished my main meal. 

You gave me enough rope to learn how to go out into the big bad world earlier than you probably would have liked but played "TAXI" at silly o'clock in the morning to make sure I got home safe yet you trusted me enough to go on holiday during my GCSE's to not only look after the house but to study hard while you were away to pass those exams.

You stood by me when I wanted to marry someone who was wrong for me and you were there for Beautiful B and I when it went horribly wrong to put a roof over our heads for 4 years, you were there to help redecorate our house when we got it back and turn it from the broken house it was to the home it is now.

You stood by me again when I married the second man you disapproved of because you wanted to see me happy and you were there to force him out of my home when he refused to go.

I know now that in Hubby you have the son you never had even if he is rubbish at DIY.  There is no man better at being a dad than you, Dad, you continue to be there for me, Hubby and Beautiful B every single day and words cannot express how grateful I am for the way you brought me up to be the decent human being that I am, nor how much I adore you for continuing to be that Dad that I love each and every day to Hubby who lost his father 7 years ago.

Hubby, you are my world.  It took me long enough to find you and I am never letting go.  You are my counsel, my rock and my strength.  You have calmed me down from the hyper woman that could lose her cool over the little things to become one who is more mellow than she ever thought she could be.  You have made me a better person in so many ways.

You are a Dad, you have Beautiful B and as much as she is not your biologically, from the day we started dating you have treated her like she was your own flesh and blood.  You have treated her with respect and kindness and became her friend, counsel and mediator long before you ever disciplined her as a Dad.  In that, you showed her respect and she has given it back to you in spades, accepting you as the father figure she has so desperately needed at home.

You have helped mould Beautiful B from a confused, frightened and upset 12 year old to an almost confident 17 year old.  Like me, she has taken your morals and run with them and holds the upmost regard for her elders, treating others beautifully and with empathy - as you showed her when she needed it at 12.  Beautiful B is looking for a younger version of you to marry.

Me?  I am grateful each and every day to have you, I know how lucky I am to have found someone who loves me for me; who does not try to change or control me just wants to make me happy every time you breathe.  I love that you saw through the bravado and the veil of confidence to see the real me and to work to increase that lack of confidence I was hiding.  I love that you love me as much as I love you.  I love that you accepted Beautiful B as your own, I love that you still wanted to be with me after I told you that being with me meant never having a biological child of your own.  I love that you fit into my family so well, that mum and dad approve of you and love you as their own son.

I love you for making my life complete, for enriching it so that I cannot think of anywhere I would rather be than in your arms, for loving me so much that you make any other problems seem minute and easy to deal with, that your calmness enables me to rationalise any problems to the size they are rather than thinking the world is ending just because the washing machine is broken.  I love that you tell me that you love me every single day, I love that when you come to bed after me you kiss me and hug me even if I am asleep.  Most of all I love that we communicate as a couple to make that love grow every day and that I know that I make you as happy as you make me and because of that I know that we will always be together.  

Thank you to both of you for helping to shape the person I am today and for loving me unconditionally.  Happy Fathers Day

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