Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Scruffy Fluffer (aka Abi fluff)

So on the sleeping front.....we Hubby has cracked it and would have cracked it had I not been as bull-headed and stubborn and insisted that she had to sleep downstairs until she was house-trained.  How did he do it?  Well, the advertisement phrase "we only want to be together" springs to mind.  He simply put her in her cage in our room, covered it with a dark blanket and she sleeps in there without a peek all night long!

Lesson 1: Listen to Hubby.

On the walking front....Scruffy fluffer is off the lead - already.  Even I have to be impressed with that, me with such high expectations for everyone except baba fluffers apparently.  The other fluffers happily run around and about us on the 3 mile trail we walk and if we get too far ahead or behind of them they either wait or come back to us - Scruffy fluffer obviously realises this is a rule so does the same.

Except....when someone else is walking in the opposite direction.  She is such a happy friendly little fluffer that she turns around and follows them in the hopes of getting a little pet and a "Ah, look isn't she the cutest."  Mind you, Hubby has taken to ensuring there is a little box of treats in his pocket for when we call her and she comes back to us.  I personally think, being a woman, that she has him sussed already.  "Sniff a tree or some grass, they wander off and eventually call me back.  I run to them and get a treat....result!"

I was a bit slow....I happily wandered along the trail and forgot about the smelly brook - the one that runs along the caravan site on the other side and that I am convinced is used to empty all sorts of nasty things into.  Scruffy Fluff didn't!  Bear in mind this picture is after Hubby had cleaned her feet and legs some to get her back in the car...... 

Lesson 2: When Hubby says, "Ribena, what about the brook?" don't say "She will be fine" because she won't!

After the bath she refused to come downstairs - she claims to still be scared - she is perfectly capable, she is just being a big GIRL!

So being one to learn my lesson rather quickly she is picked up and carried or put back on her lead to go past the smelly brook.  For such a small fluffer I am very impressed that she is happily walking 3 miles in one go every day.

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