Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Now I've had some experience with perseverance - ignore that required to be patient through 30 hours of labour while Beautiful B decided if she wanted to be introduced to the world and lets ignore that required to finish the qualification that you questioned oodles of times in those darkest hours - instead lets talk puppies.....

So 5 of the 7 dwarves disappeared off into the sunset with their new families.  Now I loved them all but Scrappy I cried for and I still get tearful but that is besides the point.  2 of the 7 dwarves remained.  Joey the little dwarf whose face reminded me of a mouse sulked for a few days because his brothers and sisters dared to leave him with the crazy Abi, to defend himself on his own - until he decided to fight back - after all, a boy can only put up with so much bullying.....

Joey rode off into the sunset on Saturday - one would expect that he would be the one to cry at night because he no longer had any brothers and sisters to keep him company.  Oh no!  He apparently is rather well behaved....Abi, however, lulled us into a state of semi-security.  Now I have had fluffers most of my life, my current fluffers have had 2 litters before, I provide advice on how to settle a fluffer into it's new home including the advice that says "fluffers are like babies......they will work out in less than 10 seconds that if they cry you will pick them up.   If they are fed, watered and cleaned they are whining - pick them up for cuddles during the first few nights at home and you will question your sanity for years."

Abi is having none of that.  Lulling us into a false sense of security, she settled down to sleep quite happily the first two nights of aloneness until 4am - that was bad enough.  Beautiful B took her up to her bed under the pretence that she did not want me or Hubby to be woken up.  The night after Hubby argued that the neighbours would be disturbed - she is in a kitchen extension peeps - that is almost impossible!!!  This morning that excuse was amended - he was mistaken, apparently he was worried that she was distressed.

So, last night I took over - she knew peeps, she did!  No waiting until 4am last night - nope, cried for an SOLID hour until she got a telling off, then again at 3.30 then again at 4.50. 

Today we gave her room to roam around and play again - after all who wants to mess where they sleep.  Other than the crying, that worked well last night.  Until 5pm - when Hubby rang - saying we needed a plan B (were we not on plan B.....) because she had managed to climb out of pen that is 5 times her height (obviously thinks she is a monkey), ripped a bin bag to shreds and the expected ***p everywhere.  Beautiful!

So, there is a battle of wills going on in our domestic bliss - little does Abi know that I was taught by the best - my gorgeous mum (.....now there is a lesson for a teenage me - "Listen to your mum, my little padawan - she is all knowledgable - ignore that inner voice of yours....").  Abi has nothing on that - she can only learn from Cala fluff who submitted to my superior will around day 3......

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