Thursday, 9 June 2011

Maintenance and the lack thereof.....

No!  Not with me, though in hindsight, I could probably do with a little more maintenance.  It helps to try and maintain the body rather than wait to win the lottery so that you can go crazy at the plastic surgeons office.

As we have had some puppy money Hubby and I - okay I - decided that we should spent it on maintaining the house.  Our house is tiny but it doesn't make it harder to ignore that we have done very little to maintain our humble abode for....well, years.  So, we I tossed a coin and decided that of the 3 main most expensive things that require doing the bathroom needed tiling above all else.  I guess when you have a chunk of money, albeit a small chunk, the most expensive things should be a priority.

Now this was a somewhat tortourous decision for me - those of you that know me well know that I LOOOOVE the sun - I would lie in it all day and bygones to the potential of skin cancer so every cell in my body was screaming "Do the back garden, do the back garden" before what summer we have (generally all 3 days of it) hits. 

For those of you who care, or are even interested, the jobs were the kitchen, back garden and the bathroom.  All in various states of disarray, tiredness and disrepair - and all require more money that I care to think about.

Now, I can be self-centred, Hubby disagrees with me here, but I disagree with him and I win every argument so.....

...... but even I have to admit seen as Hubby hates the sun and heat even more than I adore it, the person who would benefit most from the back garden make-over would be me and that would be self-centred - I can dream and be self-centred but am not good at translating that into reality. 

The kitchen is going to cost more money than the puppy fluffs were kind enough to provide us with (something to do with selling them with their injections and treatments - which cost more than the sale of a WHOLE puppy) so it left the garden and the bathroom.

The bathroom isn't big enough to swing a cat in - seriously, even by UK standards.  Some folks in the USA would wonder how we manage not to step on each other in our tiny bathroom.  It is tiled half way up the wall and the rest is paper.  Now, that was a good idea when Beautiful B was more interested in having a bath so she could pretend to be a dolphin and sing and splash to her hearts content but now she is all grown up (though still insisting she will live with us until she is 30 - yeah OK!) there are 3 of us having daily showers - not condusive to keeping the wall dry even if the paper is varnished.  So, to avoid long term structural damage as the water slowly seeps onto the wall behind the paper I opted for the bathroom makeover.

Shopping for tiles - what Hubby liked I thought were old fashioned, what I REALLY REALLY like were above our cost range - we opted for a relatively plain and simple tile and a mosaic trim - okay, I opted for it because Hubby - being that laid back he is practically horizontal said "pick what you want darling, as long as you are happy, I am happy" - I am still trying to work out if that translates to "you hate everything I pick and I can't be doing with the nagging for the next 10 years until we can afford the REALLY REALLY expensive tiles which don't look any different than the ones you have picked" - probably, bygones.

So we are in day one of tiling - Hubby sent photos of the work in progress by phone today as I he knew I would be sat here impatiently wondering - see why I am going to marry the man....Oh, and that is on the list of things to do. Hurry up Abi, grow up we need more puppies.....

Hubby is more relaxed today - he claims to hate DIY and claims even more to be rubbish at it - I think he has a mental block - it is the only thing he gets angry with.  On DIY days I avoid him like the plague.....or tell him off for sulking.

.....which takes us nicely to our latest discussion - paying a landscape gardener to transform the back garden - we know who is going to win that one, don't we?  I mean unless it is ridiculously cheap why give the landscape gardener the money when I could have nicer paving stones.....

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