Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Directions

No, not Glee....though the season finale recorded last night so I will be catching up with that tonight.  Sue Sylvester doesn't seem to have as many funny one-liners this season but that might just be me.  See, getting off track already.

The bathroom is done and looks gorgeous!  Simple and plain and most of all CLEAN looking.  The garden makeover is to be put off until next year.  Our good friend M would love to help (and would be fantastic at it might I add based on his own garden makeover) however he broke his hip last year.  His wife and one of my best friends K has put her foot down and said he cannot help because he has a habit of overdoing things and insisting he is fine, despite the fact that the bone has not fully knitted back together yet. She is sooooo right but it didn't stop me having a mini meltdown about having to stare at the state that is our garden for another year though.

I love hubby, scarily so and he is wonderful with me.  After a hug and a backrub he took to taking control and cleared some stuff up from the garden, loaded up the car and threw it all away.  There is still more to do and it still leaves a mess as I was too super-efficient and moved all the gravel in preparation for the makeover only to find that the underlying concrete is breaking up and the work is now postponed a year.  It does look better though and it doesn't niggle on my blasted OCDishness quite so much.

Moreover, we were forced into new directions on Monday and if I believed in a higher power (and it is sad that I don't and one day you may get the why reason) I would wonder whether it was to help make me feel better.

Our suite is old, you can feel the frame in the arms but we were 2 years from replacing it as other makeovers are more important - garden and kitchen.  However, Beautiful B noticed rust on the floor on Monday and upon investigation we discovered the base frame is corroding (I suspect with the help of some recent puppies) all over my nice beech laminate floor.  As 2-3 laminate boards cannot be replaced without the rest of the floor we must replace the suite before it does more damage.  I wonder if the invention of interlocking laminate boards is someone's master plan to require us to have to replace entire floors at great expense.

So we went shopping - we didn't want much - electric recliners, leather (4 dogs dictate that fabric will never be allowed) and the base cannot be more than an inch off the floor.  Nothing like being choosy - recliners generally dictate the back of the chair to be about 3 inches off the floor and puppies can get to the frame.  However we found one where no puppy can get under without super powers.

Alas the ones with rockers were not nice, to high at the back and therefore not puppy friendly or too expensive - I loved the Lazyboy chair which reclined and rocked but I didn't love the price so much.  So we bought the suite we fell in love with and I asked Hubby if I can have one of these:

I don't have to ask him if I can have the rocking chair but out of politeness and togetherness I do; his manta is "You do the bank, if we can afford it hon, you can have whatever you want."  It's just polite, you know, and goes with the whole sharing and togetherness concept.

He asked if I was pregnant as I feel the need to rock - not if you paid me a million dollars - I'm not even managing to get the baba fluff to sleep through the night let alone a baby.  He understands my need to rock, it is an automatic reaction when I sit in a rocker and I find it so relaxing.  He knows I have wanted one for 10 years and controlling ex-husband number 2 would not let me have one.

His next question was where would I put it - simple - move a cupboard into another room and it fits neatly right near the patio door so I can read and rock in the sun - granted I might need to avoid staring out the window for a year until my garden is as beautiful as my bathroom but still......

I didn't even need to get to the reason that would have sealed the deal above anything else - it gives us an extra chair when we have guests.  Our house is small so necessitates only a 2 seater settee and one chair so a rocker is a wonderful addition for when we have visitors.

He said yes and this is why I love him so - he just wants me to be happy.  That is why we are so compatible - I want him to be happy and he wants the same for me.  It is our overriding reason for everything we do.  Not just because it gives him an easy life but because when Beautiful B and I are happy, he is happy.

I am so very very lucky to have found him.  Granted it took 3 attempts and despite never understanding when my mum used to say "when you find the one, you know, you just know", I fully understood exactly what she meant when I got to 32.  My life feels complete - I had Beautiful B and she is wonderful in every way but then Hubby came along and became the husband my mum told me about and the father figure that Beautiful B so desperately needed.  

We aren't rich, we aren't even comfortable monetary wise at the moment, but we are happy and that is what makes me feel complete. It is what has stopped me wanting the career I have chased after for 14 of those 32 years, instead I long to be a housewife and a mum - I would excel at that - it is where I feel complete, where I feel totally relaxed and most importantly where I feel I am doing most good.  

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