Friday, 29 April 2011

Consistency.......and dreams

Well, evidently I am kinda not that am I?  Seen as it has been how long since I last posted?  At least I can rest assured that I am more consistent at work because it kinda helps to pay the bills when you have a job.

So where have I been?  Well the gym mostly and as the weather gets warmer walking 5km trails with the fluffers.  Oh, and at work which is pesky enough to get in the way of life. 

I had 2 weeks off work, a rare occurrence and I decided that I needed to win the lottery because, as much as 10 years ago I would have hacked my eyeballs out with an ice-pick before saying this, I loved being at home and the house being clean all the time and having meals cooked for when hubby and Beautiful B came home.  I'd be good at that job in fact I'd dare to say I would excel at that job.  Gone are the days when I needed work to feel fulfilled, now I just need my family.

If it ever happened......I may be buying ice-picks within a year though.....

Mind you, I'd breed bichons for a hobby and sell them to families.  Lets pause here to read again what I just said....."I'd breed bichons for a hobby" - that translates to "I'd not make any money out of it" - why?  Well, for a start to make money you have to breed bichons every 6 months for the 6 years that registered kennel societies will register litters then sell the female when they were no longer of use. 

Now, this may just be me - but are you mad??  How do you have a dog for 6 years and then just sell it because it no longer makes an income for you - and that is ignoring the fact that kennel clubs only register 1 litter a year and naive little ole me just found out that lots of breeders register litters with 2 kennel clubs so they can register a litter with 1 and then breed the same female within the year and register the next litter with the other kennel club!!  Do these people have hearts - clearly not! 

Now I know the world isn't sweetness and light but jeez - I'm not completely naive but smack me in the face with a wet fish - how unfair is that!  Makes me want to go out and buy all the females to save them from their lives of slavery.

So yes I currently breed my bichons - Lily fluff has had 2 litters, 2 years apart and is now spayed.  Cala fluff has just had a litter and as she is tiny tiny and had 7 puppies in this litter*  (Yep - read that again - she fit 7 in there somewhere) we've decided no more litters - we aren't risking her life - because our fluffers are family - they don't suffer, they live in the house with us, eat half of our food (given the chance), treat the house as their own (including the beds given the opportunity) and are loved more than words can describe.  Clearly you can see why I can't make a business out of it - I'm soft and squidgy and if what hubby says is true, I look completely relaxed and happy and fulfilled when we have puppies in the house.

Puppies are not sold to breeders because I (now) know that there are few people who breed dogs that are as naive as me - evidently - they go to good family homes with people who will love them as family forever - not just until they are 6!

So if I won the lottery - I have a plan - that involves fluffer breeding.  First, we buy a huge plot of land from a farmer - they have lots spare I assume or thats what it looks like the odd time I venture into the countryside - then I build a big house for hubby and I with an annexe for Beautiful B (then I don't have to listen to that inane noise they call pop music these days).  Then on the same grounds I build a house on one level for my parents and another for hubby's mum. 

In our house, fluffers would be given a huge room of their own with an adjourning room for baba fluffers when they arrive with access to a large paddock that they can run around in any time they want.  They of course, have access to the rest of the house (except baba fluffers who leave presents - as well meaning as they are and they nibble things......)

I'd also offer walking services - I mean come on, for someone who has recently got back into the fitness thing (wait...that is where I have been instead of posting) walking dogs is a great excuse and overnight stays so the baba fluffers that go to new homes wouldn't have to go in nasty kennels when their new families go on holiday.

See so I have a I just need a lottery ticket.

*     future post on the baba fluffers - who currently need a bath every hour or so.......

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