Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Well! Would you believe it?!

I have no idea how I did it.

I don't really care.  I am too busy floating on a cloud of euphoria, only to be smacked in the face every now and again with the knowledge that I have finally finished the study. 

Then I laugh...because I am a fully fledged bonafide accountant. 

I truly did not expect to pass but somehow, I didn't just pass I got a whole 12% more than I expected to.  As for the other one, well I scored the best I have ever done and it just goes to show that twittering sometimes really does count.

Will I study again?  Never.

Was it Bond that said "Never say never"?

Hubby is giving me a year before I become bored and find something else to study.

Beautiful B is busy posting comments on Facebook about how proud she is of me, how much she loves me and how she never doubted my abilities, even if I did....she is a true darling and I am more and more proud to be her mum each and every day.

I apologised to Hubby and Beautiful B for how truly awful I have been (which was snappy - especially just after the exams).  Hubby told me "There was only you that ever doubted yourself....the rest of us never lost our belief."  Which explained the constant comments of "You will be fine...", "Stop worrying....we love you", "You have said this before and passed" - my response to the latter was "Yes, but this was worse and I really really mean it this time"

I bought them gifts and then some for my friends and my sister too. 

I took so long to post because I threw all the books and notes (of which I had not dared to throw a single note away in 5 years - you can only imagine the size of bonfire I was building) and then went on a cleaning frenzy until half way through the second day Hubby banned me from doing more.

So far I have not burned my books as promised but that is because it rained.  I firmly believe that is God's way of ensuring that I can prolong the celebrations to this weekend.  In fact, it is very sunny out the window at the moment........

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