Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Put The Broken Windscreen Wiper in the Bin

When we were children we wrote a very special list - once a year, lining up different colour crayons and glitter and such to write a very neat list of things we would like Santa to fetch us for Christmas because we felt we had been good.  Ignore the fact that we had, during the year, ripped most of our books reasoning that we did not read them anymore and managed to fight with our sister each and every day of the year or sulked when mum would not buy us sweets (that may well just be me....).

I still write lists.  Previously, I wrote them when I was especially forgetful which was usually when I was stressed.  Lately, these have become more frequent, especially post qualification and I am wondering why.  I've decided that rather than trying to find things to fill ex-study time, I am getting a perverse sort of pleasure from being able to tick things off a list as complete.  I don't suppose it matters what is on the list or how quickly that task can be done (as the title shows).  As an example this was part of yesterdays list:

  • Polish/wipe airing cupboard (seen as I had emptied a whole forest worth of notes out of it and choked on the dust....)
  • Buy piggy bank for pennies (one without a hole in the bottom as I am strangely not tempted to dip into it if I have to smash it to get to the money)
  • Sweep up
  • Put CIPFA membership application in bag (note I did not put on the list to actually fill it in)
  • Update calendar with dates dogs were frontlined and when next due (because that is so important!)
  • Arrange night with bestest friends in the whole wide world (bar Hubby and Beautiful B off course)
  • Sort Tea for Tuesday (I forgot that we go to Hubby's mum's for tea every Tuesday - hence the need to write a list)
  • Pet magnet the stairs (another post for another day about this wonderful little invention)
  • Sort the clothes from the dryer
  • Sort paperwork out in drawer
  • Put plasterboard in car for the tip
  • Change the windscreen wiper
  • Put the broken windscreen wiper in the bin (now these were separated because I was putting the new wiper on the car at a different time than throwing the old one away - I DON'T know why!)
  • Put shredded paper in bin (after sorting paperwork in drawer obviously)
  • ........
and so it went on.  None of it important but all totally satisfying.

What about my work to do list?  Was that what you asked?  (rolling of eyes and whistling) - nothing ticked off that but my excuse is that those take much longer than a day to do.....


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