Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Procrastinator or Not?

I can be extremely organised, I can, I promise. Especially when it comes to cleaning which I freely admit I can be a little obsessive about but that would be a future blog.

Todays musings over my inability to concentrate centres around the fact that I am less than a week away from my final exams in accountancy yet I find myself sat in a hotel room randomly conversing with friends on Facebook and reading some of my favourite blogs. Does that make me a procrastinator?

Before you wonder if I have rushed into that question without thinking it through properly let me break my day down for you:

1 Got up at ridiculous o'clock to make Hubby his lunch only to discover that he was in fact travelling to a meeting today and did not need his lunch. Therefore, he will be having it for his dinner. 

2 Calmed Beautiful B down after she had a minor meltdown about her first exam today - to be expected, she is my daughter after all so it is in her genes to put herself under too much pressure, she can't help herself.  At this point, I must ensure that you are fully aware that I was definitely going to get to the hotel and spend 6 hours completing intensive study and research for the forthcoming exams.

3 Packed the family off to work and school like the perfect domestic goddess that I am.  Had a shower then sat down for an hour to clear some of the recorded TV programmes (I assume it is the same as TIVO in the USA) to ensure that there is sufficient room to record the many programmes that must be recorded whilst I am in the hotel (and classes) studying furiously.  3 hours later got up again.  Received a phone call and sold my daughters best qualities to a job recruiter who obviously thought Beautiful B was wonderful after reading her job applications and who can blame her?

4 Packed and showered in record time while the fluffers flitted between staring forlornly at me and rummaging around in said luggage looking for goodies.

5 Travelled to the hotel, let Hubby know I had not crashed the car into a random motorway barrier on the way, had the minibar emptied to avoid dangerous levels of alcohol consumption and filled it with goodies that the fluffers had been prevented from stealing, unpacking in record time.

6 Spoke to Beautiful B who rang to relay that exam went better than she expected and to thank me for my confidence boosting speech this morning.  Was extremely happy with her and myself and much more relaxed about her ability to cope under such pressure.

7 Promptly went shopping for one thing, came back an hour later with 3 bags of things that I most certainly did need, thank you very much!

8 Spoke to Hubby who kindly informed me that while I was busy studying like a mad woman for exams which are a week away (!) my god daughter was learning to walk and I was missing it.  How nice of him. He did make it up to me, however, by telling me that she was wearing the giraffe dress that I bought her (being as obsessed as I am with all things giraffe, baby E has giraffe clothes, toys and books in a bid to ensure that she will always know who buys her all things giraffe) and that she looked beautiful. 

9 Read the archive for January 2008 for one of my favourite blogs Queen B - having only just discovered the joy of blogs I am furiously catching up whilst being well aware that this ideally should wait until the 11th of June when I will have an abundance of time on my hands (cleaning permitting).

10 Researched how to set up a blog - yes I know I should be researching High Quality Regulation in preparation for my exam but......

11 Set up a blog.

Now, does that sound like procrastination to you?  I think so.  So if that is the case, why do I not procrastinate when I feel the need to clean?  And why on earth do I find cleaning relaxing?  It is at times like this I wonder if I would fare better living in the USA where it is normal to discuss these things with a therapist.

As I told Hubby yesterday when he innocently said "Why are you totally incapable of sitting down and relaxing?  You have studied all weekend (honestly, I did) and today you clean the car for 3 hours." I was relaxing.  I was much happier and calmer when I could drive in a nice clean car to pick him up.  I was that relaxed I wasn't even upset when he got in the car and didn't notice I had laboured long and hard over it.

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