Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I Guess An Introduction Is In Order

I don't profess to be funny by any stretch of the imagination but I am told frequently that my mind wanders in all sorts of directions, generally in a number of directions at the same time which can be confusing for others but not for me.

I live in England. Blackpool to be precise. We have a football (Soccer) team affectionately known as the Seasiders, probably because Blackpool is by the sea. This football team managed to get into the Premier football league on Saturday - a major feat, even I have to admit that and I don't even follow the sport. The Seasiders will be playing against the big boys in a few months - to put it into perspective for you all, our best player was bought for £500,000 compared to players in the Premier league such as Rooney and Ronaldo who sell at extortionate amounts of money, you know, in the region of £20m. So I will be rooting for the "underdogs" as we affectionately know them over this side of the pond.

Blackpool has a tower, apparently similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but smaller, much smaller. Trust me, I know, I've walked up Eiffel Tower - took me 4 days.....

We also have a theme park, but not built around a theme. Some may wish to compare it to Disney, I'm not sure why. I love Disney, I revert to being 10, I even managed to embarrass my daughter, who was only 3 at the time, when I ran up main street after Chip & Dale like some manic stalker.

In fact, I have enforced a law in my house which forces my Hubby (to be, but he won't mind being my Hubby for ease) to follow me to Orlando at some stage and cope with the extreme heat (of which he will not cope with as he gets hot when it is 2 degrees centigrade) so I can stalk Goofy.

I live with Hubby and my daughter, to be known as Beautiful B (as she hates her real name at the moment). We have 3 dogs (affectionately known as the fluffers) 2 Bichon Frises who are mum and daughter and a dog of whose origin is unknown - the vet is even confused. He resembles a giraffe but I am almost positive he is not crossed with one of those.

We did have 3 fish, Beautiful B fetched home another fish one day without permission, which promptly killed off her 3 fish as well as itself and the fish were no more. It was a shame - when one previously survives after being out of water for 2 hours on the kitchen floor and being stood on by Beautiful B you do begin to wonder if God is willing it to live - for all of about 5 seconds when Hubby and I realised we no longer had to clean out the fish tank on a regular basis.

Why am I starting a blog? Well, one of a number of reasons: either I am a procrastinator, worrying that I will be bored after my accountancy studies finish in 2 weeks or concerned that I am the only one whose mind wanders as far as it does. So, if you will bear with me, I may pass comment on random thoughts that push through what others may consider to be normal brain activity and may ask for opinions on what they mean as I have so far managed to completely confuse Hubby and Beautiful B who I am now sure just humour me.

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