Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Future is Right in Front of Me

I don't take random photos of people as a matter of course.  Granted, I accept that some people on the bus yesterday morning may have thought me strange or some sort of stalker when I took this picture.  I didn't care though, I don't live in that city so I wasn't going to see them again.

As photos go, it's not the best and doesn't really potray what I saw.  I used to look like this, I really did, I promise.  In fact, when I took myself of to Disney in 1997 I was probably a little thinner and most certainly as fit as this woman.  Granted, part of the reason was because I knew that I would put weight on whilst over in sunny Orlando but still.....

I enjoy keeping fit, I really do. You wouldn't know to look at me at the moment, you could be forgiven for wondering if I spend my life eating all sweet things that children love. And I do......

In my defence, I spend my life working, sleeping, cleaning, running around after the family and studying.  It has been my life for the past 5 years.  There is no time to keep fit.  Something would have to give and that would either be family, cleaning or studying and all of them are very important to me.  Yes I know I am a freak because cleaning is in that list but hey those that know me love me.

I am almost finished with the study.  As well as having the world at my feet (as many keep telling me) I will have an abundance of time to get fit again. 

I have no willpower, or at the most very very little of it.  It comes and goes.  I love the gym, I really do.  If you saw me you wouldn't believe it but I do.  My problem is that I am an all or nothing kind of person.  I do all sorts of things with an all or nothing attitude. 

When I take myself off to the gym I say to Hubby "See you in an hour" and I wander on back at least 3 hours later with a great big grin on my face with endorphins rolling off me in waves.  All very good, I hear you say?  Well yes, but not when you are studying for accountancy as 3 hours at the gym seriously eats into that more than an hour does.  I am totally incapable of just going to the gym for an hour, I've tried but I spend all my time there thinking "Just 10 more minutes...."

Stupidly, if I go to the gym the healthy diet follows - something kicks into my brain telling me that what is the point of spending 3 hours in the gym if I am going to eat a Mars bar when I get home.  Try and do it the other way round?  Nope, doesn't happen.  I go to do the weekly shop and fetch all sorts of goodies home for Hubby and Beautiful B and then they call to me from the drawer or cupboards.  Can I resist them, well yes obviously but I am weak.

I am finished with the exams on the 10th of June.  Hubby and Beautiful B are prepared for me living in the gym for the next 6 months.  A close friend told me that was a bit silly as running machines cannot make comfy bed. 

The new cardio equipment at the gym have screens on them so you can watch TV or plug your iPod in. So yes, I have been looked at strangely in the past laughing in the corner at the one liners on some TV shows that I download onto the iPod and then watch while on the treadmill or bike.   I wonder if any of them have bad dreams after randomly walking past me while watching Supernatural.... It doesn't concern me, I am used to laughing at myself, I do it regularly.  Life is full of things to laugh and giggle at - my glass is always at least half full so yes people laugh along with me.
So, I will be off armed with a towel, water, iPod and a book and I will walk, run, cycle and lift my way to looking like the woman in the above picture within the next 6 months.  Will I post a picture of myself looking as fit as the woman above?  Probably not.  I have an aversion to cameras - I love taking photos of family but if anyone points a camera in my direction I run faster than I ever have on a treadmill. 

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about time and fitness, particularly when you've kids and are working! And in your case, studying! Very admirable!
    I am attending a rock concert shortly (to see Brit, Paul Rodgers, of "Bad Company", and he, who is so much older, is fit!) and I want to look decent. I'm working on it...