Saturday, 29 May 2010

My Beautiful Baby Girl

Well, okay she is not a baby anymore, she's 16 next week and I am in frantic preparations for her 16th birthday which she (obviously!!) feels is much more important than I do.  I mean, what is she celebrating?  The fact that she is legally able to smoke and do the nasty - both of which I would kill her for?  Yes, I would, even if only in my mind.....

So, she is not a baby anymore, she had her prom two weeks ago, I came home from work and didn't recognise her, honestly I didn't.  I live with her every day and as mother/teenage daughter relationships go I like to think that we have a fairly good and stable one...wait, while I ask.....

Yep, apparently we do, even if she now thinks I need to be put in a 'looney bin for asking random questions'.  Where was I?  Oh yes, unrecognisable.  Leona, her best friend would be fair in assuming it was as a result of the brilliant make up she had so lovingly slaved over, and yes it was fantastic (I suspect she will go far if she chooses a career as a make-up artist).  Alas, it was more a case of how grown up she looked.  Yes, of course she no longer looks 3 - and some days I thank God for that as arguing incessently with her that the Shamu ice-cream in Florida was a Shamu ice-cream and not a Free Willy ice-cream was tiring in 35 degrees of Florida sunshine - but I forget how old she is, or even how old I am.
Admittedly, I feel about 18 and certainly act like it at times but I was stunned, truly stunned.  Of course, she does not think she is beautiful.  I, of course, am biased (if I wasn't I would deserve to be stood against a wall and shot) and constantly try to convince my delusional daughter of such a fact when she is moaning about how ugly she is.  So, yes I knew she was beautiful before prom day but she took my breath away that day.  I am dreading her wedding day - I will need industrial strength make up. 

I have no idea where she gets her looks from.  I am guilty of passing on the short gene but as I am fond of telling her the best things come in small packages.   Since prom I have been beating the boys away from the door with a stick, a stick I tell you.

Is the photo of her in my prom dress my favourite?  Mmmmm, it's beautiful, in fact it will adorn a wall (once they are decorated, which so far has taken 6 weeks and we are not even half way done - pesky exams!) but I equally love the random photos that turn up on the computer.  These are obviously as a result of my gorgeous Beautiful B being alone in the house and bored.  I would hide the camera but I find them hilarous - maybe that is why there are so many of them, she knows I secretly love that she is as nutty as me.

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