Sunday, 13 March 2016

Another week, another set of bids and Invitation to Tenders

We aren't busy this week. Not at all. There are 4 of us and we have 87 bids to evaluate and another 11 Invitation to Tenders to publish this week. Then someone says I hadn't made clear how busy we were. 

I'm not sure what the following meant:
- hi boss, I have 120 hours in credit;
- do you need anything in particular because we are mad busy;
- I don't have time to write my end of year report examples or draft report;
- I have no idea where I will get the time to write competency examples for a promotion exercise; 
- No you can't have bridging analysis reports to look at because I don't have time to do them while I manage compliance on the 87 bids and put 11 Invitation to Tenders together; 
- no I don't have time to take a week of on annual leave, let alone flexi leave between tender rounds because there is no time between tender rounds; 
- I need more staff or the timetable will have to move to the right. 

It is such a good job that I am enjoying the job so much because otherwise when he said 'You didn't make it clear to me how much work you had. You have to manage me as much as the team.' You might have heard my scream in Australia. 

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