Friday, 19 February 2016

It's been such a long time

So hi there!

It's been so long.  I'm not the only one that wanders around busy as a bee thinking I must find time to do a,b,c am I?  I know I'm not - stupid question.  Anyway that's what happened.

Work got busy, not as busy as it is now - it's none stop with 12 hours days at least and I am away from home more than I am at home.  Hubby is living a student life while I am away. 

You know when you call your Hubby from a hotel room and have a conversation about the day and you get to....

Me:      What did you have for dinner?
Hubby: Nuggets.
Me:      What did you have with the nuggets?
Hubby: More nuggets.
Me:      Please tell me you didn't just eat nuggets. (incredulous)
Hubby: Yep.  I couldn't be bothered making anything to go with them.

Now, at Christmas we always buy some party food and we had bought a huge bag of chicken nuggets and by huge I mean huge and we had about half of the bag left. So the rest of the conversation went like this:

Me:      You ate the whole bag of the popcorn chicken nuggets in one go?!!!!1
Hubby: No (laughing) I had the bag of turkey nuggets.  I was duped.
Me:      Please explain....
Hubby: There were only 22 and there should have been 24.
Me:      Seriously you ate 22 nuggets in one go....

Apparently they were tasty.

So this week I was away with work again and he had more nuggets, a different brand and chicken this time not turkey.  The packet said there were 25 nuggets and there were actually 26 nuggets so now he says he is just owed 1 nugget.

At least shopping will be easy this week - 2 bags of nuggets, 1 chicken, 1 turkey and 2 pizzas.  The man is going to have a heart attack by the time he is 50.

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