Tuesday, 2 June 2015

3 days and counting

3 days and my baby is 21 years old. 21!! Still not sure where the time has gone. 

We had a lovely day in Bury on Saturday and today we are out with my Mum and Dad at somewhere called Bygone Times. 

It is like an indoor antiques market but it also has things collected from house sales so there are some good deals to be had. 

I love a good mooch around as long as it isn't clothes shopping; unfortunately my bank balance doesn't so today is likely to be window shopping. 

Beautiful B is an old soul in a young body and so also loves this sort of thing so is tagging along with the 'old folk'. 

This week is time to spend with my baby as she is on leave from work too. Tomorrow is a film day where we intend to watch all 3 Jurassic Park films in preparation for the new film released on the 11th. 

Thursday she is out with her Dad's family for her birthday which will be bitter sweet as her Dad won't be there. A huge cake has been bought. 

Friday is her actual 21st and thank goodness I reserved her cake for Monday when she is at mine for a family meal. It gives her chance to eat / share one cake before she gets another! Friday will be a day of visiting relatives. 

Saturday Beautiful B, being an old soul, didn't want a huge party. Instead she wants to visit York to go to the museum and the old prison. Sadly I can't be with her because Abi fluff is due to have babies that day so I am on birthing duty. 

Monday Beautiful B is at our house for a family meal. The birthday cake is far to big for the number coming but I figured she would want to share it with her Dads family, friends, nursing colleagues and her patients. Yes, I did order it before I knew her Dads family had also ordered her a huge cake and yes, I am either mad or too kind hearted to think about her work colleagues and patients. But hey ho,  who doesn't like cake?! 

Is it selfish of me to hope for this so called Spanish heatwave to hit the UK on the weekend and Monday so we can have a BBQ on the Monday?  Not least because Hubby can be responsible for making sure no-one is poisoned being the better cook of the two of us? 

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