Wednesday, 20 May 2015

On 'holiday'

Today I am in Sheffield for a team event. Driving instead of going in the train costs less for work with the added bonus of allowing me to listen to an audio book while driving. 

A night away from home has given me a good nights sleep without the need to share a bed with a Hubby that is currently coughing all night (bless him) and 4 dogs: 2 of which seem to be battling to either sleep attached by my side or round the top of my head on the pillow. 

I have had some breakfast, something I rarely do when staying in a hotel. That must be the nagging I get every 2 weeks at my health meeting to eat breakfast. At least subconsciously I am listening. 

My attempt to complete some training courses last night in preparation for the Negotiation Skills course on Thursday resulted in failure. I suspect my laptop is finally giving up the ghost but it is a great excuse. Pity I will have to do it at home tonight in my desktop to have any idea what they are talking about on Thursdays course. 

Finally; the vanilla Danish is staring at me and speaking! -  'it's okay I'm on a small and concise perfectly formed specimen. I don't contain many calories....well, okay but I don't contain as many as a full size vanilla Danish.  Go on, you know you want to.'

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