Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What I learned this week...@ ribenamusings

Another week, another few days in Sheffield, which has its good and bad sides.  On the bad side staying away from home for 4 days gives me chance to get over the no cooking, cleaning buzz and miss my family and on the good side well no cooking or cleaning.
So spending most of the week away from home what have I learned?

  • Never sit on the hotel bed to relax and watch TV for an hour because there is a high risk that I will fall asleep sat up.....on all 3 nights
  • I can have my dinner delivered to my hotel room at 11pm at night when I wake up but I won't want to eat by them but some craving for strawberry ice-cream is easy to give in to
  • There is a high risk that I will wake up at 5am and be working in the hotel room by 5.15am after a quick shower stopping only for 20 minutes while I travel to the office for 7am to wor through to at least 7pm before working in the hotel rooom again
  • The security guards in Sheffield seem much much friendlier than they do in my home town and after 4 months I know them by their first names
  • I should set my alarm to remind me that it is lunch time otherwise I won't remember to eat until 4pm
  • I pack far too many clothes for a 3 night stay away from home because most of them come home nice and clean and without being removed from the hotel wardrobe
  • I really do know how to count so shouldn't take so many clothes away with me but being cautious and knowing I have a tendancy to throw food down my top spare clothes are a good thing
  • If the hotel bathroom has nice shiny floor tiles use the spare towels to make a path to the door so that you don't fall flat on your face when you step off the bath mat
  • I can be lucky and not cause a tremendous amount of damage slipping on a shiny hotel bathroom floor
  • It's possible to work an 80 hour week when away from home and without distractions
  • One of my dogs can sulk when I come home and not give me her usual cuddles because I left her
  • Terry's White Chocolate Orange is plain nasty
  • They sell white chocolate Aeros in Sheffield
  • I cannot eat a full pack of Drumstick Chews without feeling positively sick
  • Munching on fresh pineapple while working is scrumptious
  • After 2 days at home with Beautiful B and Hubby I haven't unpacked my suitcase fully yet which is just plain lazy
  • I am sat here wondering how I am going to dry my clothes now that the dryer is squealing again
  • Having cavity wall insulation can result in nice huge cracks down the rendering at the front of your house
  • Someone other than me is going to pay to repair that!
  • The loft insulation guys still haven't turned up; Hubby is beginning to get frustrated with the 20 boxes of Christmas decorations piled nice and high in our bedroom
  • My dogs like Jolly Ranchers as I found out this week when they emptied my handbag for me
  • Having never being able to keep a plant alive in my 40 years on this planet I am rather proud of the fact that my Parrot Plant need re-potting for the second time....I'm just lost as to where I am going to put it if I do as it will be too big for the windowsill.

So what have you learned this week?

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