Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Another day, another train journey

I'm on my way to Sheffield again but there and back in a day which translates to me recovering or suffering from tiredness tomorrow. I could blame getting old but it's probably got more to do with me being a heffalump.

I am armed with the trusty laptop to start drawing up pricing proposal templates on the train which would have been funding evaluations if I hadn't accidently deleted a spreadsheet of calculations in a fit of cleaning up my desktop screen and sent emails. My boss is probably getting used to me asking that he forward the email with the calculations I originally sent to him back to me and yes that may not be a good thing. 

As usual we have a team meeting so I am armed with suitably sugary sweets in case any of us need an infusion of energy by mid afternoon. 

Beautiful B has sent me a college paper to QA and put some nice long words in for her. As I'm teaching her what makes a good report and I only improve the grammar and format and go through the changes with her it's not putting her at an unfair advantage, more helping to prepare her for university in September. 

Yes I do realise this blog is not great evidence of my grammatical abilities.... 

After a long day I have just enough time for a shower and put the new PJ's Beautiful B bought me for Mothers Day on before I settle down to watch Greys Anatomy with her. At least I'm not away from home tonight so she can't text me, as she did last week, and tell me how brilliant an episode it is and what a cliffhanger it was left on. 

She was right though! The cliffhanger made me wish I'd waited a week and watched the two episodes back to back. Bless her. 

And in case you need cheering up:

Just for you Rachel.... Xxx

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