Thursday, 10 April 2014

Not that I am.....

stressed or anything but this looks appealing right now!  Oh and let's not forget it is Tired Thursday.  Yes I have been travelling again and I am almost sure that I am still recovering from a big drinking session on Saturday for the Grand National horse race.  That is what aging does to you - be warned.  No longer can I spring out of bed at noon after sleeping off a hangover and look as spritely as I did the day before.

I have a procurement where different stakeholders will not compromise with a Commercial Board meeting at 4pm and not much of an idea what to do.  I do need to get something sorted today but it is very unlikely and that is just plain depressing. So the lack of a compromise and the digging in of heels makes me want to tear my hair out.  This is why I didn't have more than 1 child!

In addition, I support on another procurement which is MASSIVE and that is about seriously ramp up.  I have been asked to upskill another team member who is new to the team and when I read that request I almost choked on my pepsi max because I have almost as little experience as he has.  The blind leading the blind springs to mind

So today, I am not sure where to start as I seem to be chasing my tail and not really getting anywhere.  If nothing else, I know how Freddy feels when he chases his tail and achieves nothing.

So, I am going to take a leaf out of Rachel's book and make a list and try and stick to it, hoping to avoid anything else jumping the queue unexpectedly.

As an aside the fact that I work from home and Hubby is at home watching The Masters only makes me want to take a day off and spend it with him reading a really good book.

I really should stop going into WH Smith when at a train station because I always decide to 'window shop' books and come away having bought at least 1.  Yesterday I bought 2 and have read half of one on the journey home.   It is that good I want to lie in bed and read the rest.....

Well, thanks for your advice Rachel, given to me a long time ago, I am going to see if it works for me today and if not then I want coaching tips over cocktails on Friday night!

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