Monday, 20 January 2014

When I said I would go to the cinema but didn't

Written on Wednesday night last week:

I arrived in Leeds from Sheffield an hour ago. I checked into the hotel, ate a takeaway and moaned at how the heat option from the hotel air con is not hot....again. 

I'm tired, I've been tired since this morning and as much as I want to see Mandela I know that if I do I will be exhausted tomorrow. Sitting in a room and brain-storming a colleagues financial and evaluation proposal formats is hard work and it hurts my brain (and has made me a little scared about the team having to help me get through my first one). 

Couple that with the risk that despite being tired I am likely to return to the hotel after the cinema and mess about for a further 2 hours. My warped brain is telling me to mess about for 2 hours now and then sleep. That's a more sensible idea isn't it? 

I packed my pillow to help my manky hands and neck which are both playing up and I could do with popping a couple of Tramadol. I also packed my snuggle; Angel bought it me as I live in my dressing gown (over my clothes in Winter) and I packed my hot water bottle knowing I'd likely moan at the limpet heat air con facilities. 

The films available in the hotel room are £8.95 each - that is ridiculous. One of the films 'We're the Millers' which is on Sky this weekend!  I can go to the cinema and buy a ticket and sweets for that! 

So instead of watching that I'm writing to you guys. 

Room service may be called for earlier but only to get some ice-cream. 

Tomorrow I work without a break because I am dialling into a telekit at lunchtime. This leading on a procurement business is time-consuming. 

I looked up at the TV and thought I saw a reflective mouse just now. Except I was wrong. The One Show makes you think you are losing your mind. 

Ah, they are talking about hidden or pretend animal cameras and how they are able to film animal behaviour never seen before. That explains it - maybe they are seeing if field mice will preen as much as budgies in a cage do. 

And there I was thinking I was going mental. Like that is ever going to happen..... 

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