Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What I learned this week

This week has seen me travelling around the country and Beautiful B at another university interview - Go Beautiful B!

My lessons for this week are:
  • Week 4 of Fredsters slow release medication translates to very little medication left in his system and lots of padding about on his front legs and stamping up the stairs with effort....and lots and lots of Tramadol.
  • Taking 2 lots of Tramadol a day means that Fredster will start to learn to start accepting the pills and swallowing them rather than spitting them out.
  • When the weather man tells you to prepare for 80 mph gale force winds he isn't always right and some winds are better than losing the fence panels and worse.
  • Hubby will ask me to take him to work and pick him up when the winds are high.  A legitimate excuse even if it does add 90 minutes to my working day.
  • If I put the fire on in the front room when working all 4 fluffers will line up in a row in front of it and sleep most of the day off.
  • It is possible for me to finish Farm Frenzy 4 with gold on every single level - whoop.  Yes, I am a grown up!  Honest!
  • 12 Years a Slave left me speechless.  The only ever film to do that previously was Schindlers List.  While I understand that some people do not wish to see such suffering it serves a strong visual reminder, for me, of how so very very lucky I am.
  • Wearing a flat pair of shoes rather than heels to walk around London in order to save my feet from pain doesn't work.  I should remember that I have flat feet and walking around without specific insoles (which live in my trainers and for which my flat shoes are not wide enough) or heels will result in pain during any kind of walking especially after sitting for a time.
  • It is amazing how happy I am to be getting my weekly dose of Criminal Minds (mmm, Morgan.....) and Grey's Anatomy.
  • Before buying any more books I should check my spreadsheet, yes spreadsheet, of books I have already read.  So far this week I have discovered that I have recently bought 2 books that I read years ago.
  • Gingerbread men are scrumptious but only if the biscuit is chewy.
  • Working from home is great.  Here I can wear my fleecy dressing gown if I get too cold.  Oh and I can have music on in the background to help me through my day.
 So what have you learned this week?

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