Thursday, 16 January 2014

Sometimes getting married can be a right pain in the butt

I couldn't wait to take on my husband's surname.  I am sorry to lose my dad's but I love my new surname.  It is not an unusual or strange name but the meaning is everything to me. 

So you would think that I couldn't wait to let everyone know my new name right?  Wrong.  My friends, family and work colleagues know it etc but the people I am talking about are my creditors, companies to whom I pay household monthly bills to.

Knowing just how long it would take me I decided I would just update people as and when I needed to.  The bank was a necessity obviously and I updated those I could do online by way of an email or completing an enquiry page.  Everyone else I decided could wait; after all I pay direct debits so it won't do any harm.

Folks that was nearly 18 months ago.  The one time I did get into a bit of trouble was right after receiving a speeding ticket (for doing 54 mph on a motorway) when I had to return my driving licence for the points to be added.  It was returned with a rather snotty note informing me that failure to present the correctly updated driving licence to a police officer who may decide to stop my car one day would lead to a fine of £1,000.  

Why not just update the driving licence as soon as I got married?  Well for starters I had to send in the application with another photo - it's not like I drastically changed my appearance on the day I got married is it?  I look no different than I did when my old licence was taken.  Secondly, I hate having my photograph taken, detest it.  I do not look good in photos when thin, let alone when I look like a weeble.  And it's such a pain in the butt finding a photo booth in the first place.  Personally I think they just want to make money out of us for changing to licence.  So anyway, yes I changed that after the not so subtle threat from our lovely Driving Vehicle Licensing office.  

I decided yesterday that it was about time I started to update people, I even bought stamps for the multitude of letters that I will need to send. They haven't been sent yesterday because it seemed much more important to steam clean the upstiars carpet for some reason.

Almost all of these companies are online; they all need to receive a copy of the marriage certificate in writing.  Why I ask?  Surely it isn't hard for the companies internet buddies to add a page on their websites for changes to be notified?  All it needs is a normal comments page with the facility to add documents to the enquiry.  I could then scan a copy of the certificate and attach it.  Voila!  It would still be time consuming but not as much of a pain in the butt as obtaining numerous copies of the licence and stamps for the numerous envelopes.

There you are, rant over.

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