Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Here I go again on my own

going down that lonely road I've never knownnnnnnnn
Well not really.  I am just on my travels again and it won't exactly be lonely because I will be with work colleagues.  Yes, today I am in Sheffield for some training and tomorrow I am in London.
As I decided it would be cheaper and less travel to stay in Sheffield than travel home for 2 1/2 hours just to do another 3 1/2 journey to London I am staying in Sheffield so the night will be my own.
What I find amazing is that Sheffield is about 100 miles further north than where I live and still I can get to London in less time. 
Having worked it out I will be on a train for 6 1/2 hours of the next two days.  So I had best make sure I have enough work saved on my laptop's desktop to keep me busy for that long.  Otherwise I may just have to continue reading my Karen Rose book about murder and mayhem.
My hands are sore and that is driving me nuts so dependent on the pain level tomorrow I may have no choice but to read my book instead of work but I am going to at least attempt to be dedicated.
Yesterday was awful weather wise.  I braved the cold as I had to go to 2 banks, yes me greedy and didn't realise just how cold it was until I was outside.  At least it made me rush to get home again.
In the afternoon it threw it down, all afternoon.  The girlie fluffs were driving me mad from about 2pm crying for their tea when they damn well knew they don't get it until 3.30pm at least.  I gave up on the dot of 3.30pm to save my sanity.
Fredster fluff stands at the back door to go out and being a fluffy fluff bag he was drenched in minutes.  Why he stands at the door to go out I have no idea - he just stood there in the rain looking forlorn; maybe the Tramadol are making him cuckoo and he has no idea what he is doing so his brain is just on autopilot. 
Yes, I know a normal dog would not ask to go out if on autopilot but mine does because as Hubby told me last night I trained him not to pee in the house too well.  Everytime he eats something he goes and stands at the back door to go out; every single crisp, piece of meat, satsuma,  etc and he stands there and intermittently looks at me saying "ahem, I know you see me, open the darn door!"
As a puppy he went out every time he ate something, even a puppy training treat.  So that is what he knows; in fact maybe he was a goldfish in a former life and does everything on autopilot.  Maybe there is no thinking at all just rote memory; it would explain a lot.....
Anyhoo, Hubby may arrive home at any time.  He rang to say he was working later so he could miss the rain.  I told him that looking at the sky it seemed to be staying around all day.  He wasn't having it.  He coudl be at work until midnight at this rate, waiting and waiting for the rain.  I wonder if he finds the sound of rain relaxing?

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