Thursday, 2 January 2014

......and a Happy New Year!

Sorry, couldn't resist!  I know we are past Christmas but she looks soooo cute!

Anyhoo, a Happy New Year to you all.  I know you haven't missed me over the festive period but you really all needed a rest from my drivel.

Not much has happened while I have been away and by that I mean almost nothing at all.  We have all been very slovenly in this household.  Hubby had a bad cold (by that I mean man flu) just before Christmas and I was panicking because I am the worst wife in history and seriously began to wonder how I could cook a Christmas dinner without him.  

I can safely feel worse about my lack of culinary talent because the exertion required to drag himself out of his sick bed to cook Christmas Dinner and then to spend Boxing Day (afternoon and evening!) drinking at our brothers took it out of him and he has only roused himself out of his sick bed this morning to go to work.

I have to say I got quite fed up of taking his dinner upstairs and finding him asleep and having to holler "Hubby!!!!!" repeatedly at the top of my voice.

In other news I have been meaning, day after day, to catch up to the football accounts, but Big Fish Games kept distracting me, as did Dexter Season 1, and my cross-stitch (pain be damned), and numerous books.  I can't say Christmas TV as it was mostly regurgitated fare from every Christmas since my childhood.

Of course, Beautiful B was brilliant in her bid to allow her colleagues with children to have Christmas off work and worked night shifts to cover for them.  She has since had 4 days off, slept most of them with a bit of caring for Ry mixed in after he drank far too much rum on New Years Eve for one person.  The faint knock on the dining room door from him preceded the question "You wouldn't happen to have any pills to get rid of sickness would you?" - oh dear......

Our usual visit to my Aunty B's for a New Year's Day buffet was fun as ever with Abi fluff being spoiled rotten.  It still didn't stop her trying to take a standing leap onto the dining table after the pork pies though.  She is probably nursing her bruised ribs upstairs as I type - stupid dog!  Somehow a conversation about the age of some of my Aunty B's ornaments, passed down from my nanny, turned to wills and bequests which then turned to dead bodies.  Now only my mum and daughter can get onto that conversation, it even freaked me, the reader and watcher of all sorts of horror and serial killer books and films, out!  I had to tell them to shut up and quite right too!

So that brings us to today, when I had to set the alarm for 5.45am after 2 weeks on annual leave to take Hubby to work; even I had to admit there was no way his still sniffly self was going to manage to cycle to work, only to have to repeatedly tell him to get out of bed for 30 minutes afterwards.  I know I am getting old after 2 weeks of staying in bed until as late as 11.30am after a lifetime of being unable to sleep past 6am and had to take myself back to bed when I returned home after dropping Hubby at work.  Staying awake until 2am reading books may or may not have had something to do with it.

And to end this rambling post one of the funniest Facebook posts I saw this New Year was from my best friend Rachel who posted a caption of her New Years Day dinner table set for a lovely buffet with a soft furry ball in the forefront with the caption "Apparently we're having Watson (the cat) as part of our New Year's buffet!"


  1. I've missed you!! And Abi fluff does look cute in her jumper. X

    1. and I have missed you too. Christmas holidays are great and I love catching up with my family but I do miss seeing my friends. x