Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What I learned this week

The clocks turned back this week which technically gave me an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning which would be good if a) my body and mind knew what a lie-in is and b) I hadn’t already been in bed for more hours than I cared about as I was poorly.  What I am loving is coming into work and it no longer being pitch black; and yes I know that will end soon too as winter draws ever near but I’m an optimist and I will revel in it until then.

This week has been similar to a bag of pick and mix sweets; you don’t know what you are going to get and some you will love and others not so much.

  • As I am currently having my lunch; plain chicken sandwiches need mayonnaise; without it you spend a bit of time picking up random bits of chicken that have escaped from the sandwich.  
  • Having a small shop at the end of the room at work is far too tempting, in particular their slices of lemon gateaux, not to mention the meal deals.  As Hubby gripes that I don’t eat lunch (apparently a piece of toast is not lunch) at home I may well start to lose weight rather than gain it when I start working from home.
  • I should give up trying to control flare ups of a certain condition that had me housebound and in bed for most of the weekend.  If my body wants to play up it will, and I should just go with it.
  • The silver lining of having to be in bed most of the weekend is that I managed to read two books in one week instead of one.  Especially as one of them was read in a day.  After all, I may not have been able to summon the energy to do anything other than turn over in bed but it is impossible for me to sleep a whole 24 hours while my body kicks me in the butt.
  • If the IT technicians at work tell you that your work laptop will connect easily to your home broadband believe them, they know what they are talking about.  Note to self: stop being so cynical when it comes to IT.
  • Your family may think you a bit mental when you come home with a loaf of bread that has a hole in the side of it.  Apparently not everyone loves warm freshly baked bread to the extent that they eat it (more specifically just the middle of it) wandering around the supermarket.
  • It takes longer than anticipated to build a brand new webpage, all the pages that will link to it and associated documents for work.
  • After discovering the washer and dryer renders Wonderweb and some other stuff, used to hem my trousers up without the use of a needle and thread, useless I am slowly coming to the realisation that I may need to sit with my mum while she shows little old 41 year old me how to hem a pair of trousers. Either that or I have transplant surgery to remove my legs and swap them with some that are 5 inches longer.
  • Doing chores in the house other than cooking dinner because I cannot cut meat does not make me feel any less useless!
  • Two of the fluffers are going to have to have a bath tonight because they have sweaty feet, yes, sweaty feet!

So what have you learned this week? 

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  1. I will have to think about that. I'm sure I've learned some things. Drawing a blank. Oh..wait..I learned that I wish having 5 inches added to my legs was an option. :)