Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What I learned this week

My sincere apologies for posting this a little late today.  I have been delayed by Dean....

It is such a shame he doesn't dress like this in all the episodes of Supernatural.

as well as finishing a game I bought in Big Fish Games - which I could argue is almost wholly responsible for my procrastination when it comes to doing the accounts.

Anyhoo, what have I learned this week?  Well it turns out to be quite a lot:

  • A blood clot somewhere in your leg doesn't necessarily cause the redness and pain usually experienced by people with a DVT.....if you catch it early enough.
  • Sometimes swelling in your ankles is not just swelling because of heat and because you are fat.
  • If your ankles are swelling more on one foot it is an idea to measure your calves as you may not have noticied one is 3 centimetres bigger than the other.
  • If you go to the GP complaining of swollen ankles and one calf is 3 cm bigger than the other prepare for all hell breaking lose in the doctor's surgery.
  • Ignore what the nurse tells you about the heparin injection not bruising; it does.
  • Heparin injections have smaller needles than the ones used to take blood from your arm.
  • The nurses will think you are funny when you get over the shock and tell them that giving heparin injections to yourself will be easy as you have plenty of padding on your stomach.
  • The GP and nurse at the surgery will think you are mad when you go back for a blood test 3 days later and tell them you intend on going to work; you won't be by the time you come out of the surgery.
  • Prepare for feeling a bit like wandering around your house wondering what to do when Hubby goes into protection mode and won't let you do anything.
  • For the record, hoovering and ironing will not be allowed but grudgingly you will be allowed to dust the house.
  • You can increase the space on the cable planner by 16% in one day of TV watching.
  • Sitting in an office chair playing games on the computer will cause your ankles to start swelling within the hour and require elevation.
  • Game playing is bad for the slipped disc and RSI pain experienced in hands and fingers and should be stopped.
  • Giving up Pepsi Max for water for the cause of ensuring you stay hydrated as it helps the DVT (somehow!) is harder than you can imagine.
  • and your random fact for the day: a baby hedgehog is called a hoglet.....
So there we have it and as I am on enforced sick leave I am not sure just how much I will learn in a week, other than boredom....
What have you learned this week?

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  1. A hoglet? See, that is why I love WILTW. =)
    Thanks for linking up! I appreciate it!

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