Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Alas dear Coca Cola....

We can no longer be friends, busom buddies, each others crutch (well, okay you are my crutch and not the other way round) and nor can you be the one I turn to in times of stress, weakness or need for a desperate sugar rush.

I will forever miss the sweet sensation you provide and the hint of caramel in your flavour.  I won't miss the sugar you leave on my teeth and neither will my dentist but I will miss you none the less.  Your flavour outweighs the bad things but I have had to see the light as much as I don't want to.

Why are you leaving me? I hear you ask.

You are not good for me.  I have left you and come back to you time and time again throughout my adult life, you are like a drug, my drug of choice.  But like all drugs you are bad for me.  In terms of drugs, you are the least dangerous of many and it is not your fault that I can happily drink over 2 litres of you a day.

That much of you in one day may make me happy but it is slowly making me ill.  Your sugary goodness serves to help increase my weight.  You see, I calculated that if I ate my normal expected calorie intake for the day and then drank the 5 cans of Coca Cola I do each day I would put in 57 lbs in a year!  On top of what I already am.  My body cannot stand that much weight gain.

As much as this will pain you I have turned to your rival Pepsi Max to try and wean myself slowly of Coca Cola.  I know it does not taste as nice and I miss the caramel flavour but it does not have the same calorific content and so it is a start in the journey I must take to stop drinking all carbonated drinks.


Well, Pepsi Max would prevent the increased 57lb weight gain because of the lack of sugar and my GP will be happy but my dentist wouldn't.

You see carbonated drinks, regardless of sugar content apparently still rot your teeth.  I cannot begin to understand why, after all I understand numbers and even then not so well, but my teeth are already a worry and so I had another decision to make.

Ultimately, water and at best with a little cordial is the aim.  I know!  It is blasphemy but it has to be done. 

I can only hope that you can get over the loss of our relationship and that you find another who will love you as I do.  Rest assured that you can take some comfort from the fact that a little part of me will always love you.


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