Friday, 26 July 2013

The Second Husband

There is a standing joke in this house that Hugh Jackman is my second husband.  Assuming I am not going to be admitted to hospital following the scan of my leg this morning I will be at the cinema tonight, with A and Beautiful B, drooling into an empty ice-cream cup while watching him in Wolverine.
So in the event that I cannot post tomorrow morning I have prepared this and will update if all goes well this afternoon.
It all started when I innocently watch X-Men.  Normal for me considering I have not really grown up so a film based on old comic characters entertain me and keep me quiet for a couple of hours. 
I enjoyed the film but it surpassed my expections as we were introduced to Hugh Jackman:

We can ignore his hair although weird because even as part wolf I don't get the sticky up bits. It helps that he is well built because I like a bit of that which scores marks on top of him being a good looking man; always a bonus.  I also like bad boys but as I am a big softie at heart only in films).
Following this film I watched Swordfish, still one of my favourite films.  In this film I almost fainted away when he appeared on screen like this:
 and this:

 and I wasn't wishing thinking I would happily swap places with her at all......
Thankfully I had scooped up a cinema magazine on the way in as it came in handy to fan myself.
Swordfish also had an added bonus, John Travolta.  Having watched a few of his films Swordfish confirmed my belief that he is brilliant when cast as a bad guy.  Or is that just my bad boy film complex rearing its head.....mmmmm.
Imagine my delight when a whole film was dedicated to Wolverine:
Not a great photo but yummy!
I managed to restrain myself and only visit the cinema once but of course I have the DVD....not that I have time to watch DVDs because I record far too much on the cable planner.
And now we have Wolverine:
Yes, I have checked and CGI is not used to make him look HUGE

Never fear, he does look normal in real life - I could happily look at that face every day. 

Yes I am aware that a lot of airbrushing probably went into that photo so just for you guys here is a more realistic one and yes, I could still stare at him all day.....
Not that I am obsessed in any way shape or form.....
I will be more than upset if I have to stay in hospital following the scan; stuff the fact that I may have a blood clot that could travel to a somewhat important part of my body and have a jig, I will be sat in a bed imagining sitting in the cinema discussing his various  attributes.
Maybe that should be the first question I ask when I get to the hospital:  'I'm sorry, but it is very important that I am not admitted tonight as I have a very very important commitment that I cannot miss.  Would it be possible to give me an extra big jab with a needle so I can go home for the evening?  I will be careful I don't cut myself in the meantime and am more than willing to come back here at 10.30pm to be admitted if it is a case of life or the nasty blood clot saying "lets plug this very important organ time".....'
So here is hoping that everything goes well this afternoon and I can return home and report how much I swooned....anyone got any smelling salts.....
As you have guessed I was not kept in the hospital.  No clot in the thigh and my mum's deep veins in the calf made that inconclusive; so more injections, more fluids, more leg elevation and regular short walks are in order.  So that meant....Wolverine!
So without further ado and in the public interest only of course: In a teenagers words OMG!  He is so fine.....nice and buff and very muscular for this role.  Quite a few topless scenes to keep the girls happy, though I could have done with a few more.  A brief bath scene and and even briefer glimpse at the top of his buttocks (cue the napkin wafting) made the film extremely good. 
Beautiful B posted a message on FB that start "Oooh Mr Hugh Jackman!...." which says it all really as well as 'like mother, like daughter'.  She is very intrigued with the particular way he looks when he does the 'angry' look. 
Oh how good was the film I hear you ask.....Sorry, I was distracted for a moment. 
A good film, lots of fight scenes but it is The Wolverine so to be expected.  A decent story line and worth a watch or two.  Much more enjoyable if you have a thing for Hugh Jackman and like muscular men though....

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