Friday, 19 July 2013

I only went for swollen legs

I'm not sure if I have twittered about my swollen ankles before but having had ankles so swollen that they wouldn't look out of place on one of those people who need cutting out of their houses so they can go to the hospital I thought I had best get it checked out. Beautiful B compounded it by saying "That is just not normal". 

An innocent visit to the GP because the ankles are so swollen that I am in pain at the end of the day where I thought they would tell me I was too fat and too lose weight and all hell breaks loose! 

An ECG later because I was breathless when the GP saw me after walking up some stairs and measuring and prodding my calves didn't result in me being told I needed to lose half my body weight.

Instead I was referred immediately to hospital for blood tests to check for a clot in my legs or pelvis!  

As you can imagine when they took my blood pressure it was 156/120 and again when they thought they had calmed me down after the minor anxiety attack. 

So I sit here waiting for blood tests reassured that the nurses questions indicate a minor (at best) risk of DVT. After trying to read and nodding off (shut up! It is 30 degrees in this hospital that does not believe in air conditioning in the urgent care unit) I am almost willing to be admitted just to get on an air conditioned ward. 

My ankles are still swollen and resembling huge sausages but I am beginning to believe they are going to tell me it is because I am fat - which for once I would be relieved at even if it doesn't result in a cure for sausage ankles. 

I've been here waiting for 1 hour 15 mins since the bloods were taken and my blood pressure has reduced to only slightly elevated as opposed to being so high I may have been ready to explode. 

Having been promised an hours wait for blood results I am wondering whether I will be out in time to collect A and Beautiful B to see Monsters University at the cinema. Maybe my blood pressure will increase again the nearer I get to cinema time but find myself still in hospital..... 

Who knew that it was possible for ankles to feel tight!  Maybe this is what sausage meat feels like inside the sausage skin? 

I may just cry if they admit me!  After all, expecting a normal GP appointment I left a bag at work which had a very important valuable in it.... The third book in the vampire series I am reading. 

My OCD is not going to cope well if I have to read a different book in a hospital bed!

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