Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A little slice of history....and paradise

Evidenty Ducks....I'm easily pleased
I have mentioned in a previous post that I spent a beautiful sunny day with my mum and dad picking whimberries (like blueberries but not...).  We were too early for the fruit and we walked miles that morning.  In the afternoon, mum and dad took me to Sunnyhurst Wood which is a few miles from where they grew up.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a lot of greenery in many towns.  In Blackpool we have Stanley Park which is lovely and has a duck pond, tennis courts, children's playground, cafe, flowers and the like but obviously it isn't a wood but does make a lovely day out with family especially when it is sunny.  We also have a trail not too far from our home where we walk the fluffers.  The trail is 3 miles long and a great way of catching up with family and spending quality time with them but isn't somewhere you can sit and watch the world go by.
I guess Sunnyhurst Wood is like a lot of woods and others may not be so impressed with it as I.  It holds some history for me because it is close to where my parents grew up and somewhere they used to walk.  I also recall walks with mum and dad there when we were children but those memories are hazy.

Possibly being a sad individual I thought this was a nice touch - the 'friends of Sunnyhurst Wood' laid this to commemorate Prince William and Kate's wedding.  Not something we would find in our local park.

Mum and Dad took Skip, their Jack Russell, along with us.  He loves a trip in the car and walks and as the vet said that he needed to lose quite a bit of weight (something to do with getting a full Sunday Dinner and fed scraps off my mum and dad's plate....) it was good for him.
It was boiling that day...okay, not boiling but very hot and was in the late 20's.  Skip walked in the morning looking to get near some water and during our walk in Sunnyhurst Wood we giggled at his desire to find just the right spot to get in the small river to have a drink.

He spent a good 10 minutes walking towards the water then changing his mind, walking a little further and then having a look again before moving on.  I would expect a dog to jump in without a care in the world, except for Fred who is scared of his own shadow.  Eventually, Dad took matters into his own hands and placed him in the river for a drink.

During our walk through Sunnyhurst Wood I found beautiful view such as this:

and this:
Not something we can find anywhere in Blackpool.  We stopped for lunch, Dad having carried a bag around all morning with sandwiches, crisps, pop and a flask full of coffee.  I would have happily sat in the sun but my mum needed shade.  I compromised sitting on the part of the bench that was in the sun.  Not that I am fussy or anything.
The best thing about the walk was finding out that not only was this the place where my mum and dad had their very first date but also that my mum could still point out the exact spot that dad took his first photograph of her 45 years ago.  My mum and dad aren't ones for showing their affections in public and it was such a rare moment that I felt very very privileged to have been there.
Obviously, I therefore decided that we needed a photograph of them in Sunnyhurst Wood to commemorate 45 years together!
Don't you think the shopping bag just adds to the photo?
It is very rare that we can find a whole day to spend together like this and I was very blessed to have spent the day with them. 

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