Thursday, 20 June 2013

Why C and I love each other so much

One of the reasons we get on so well is that we are entertained by the simplest of things. He thinks I am a complete nutter but he loves that about me; he loves the way I see things, almost childlike and the way I relish the little things in life.

When in Centerparcs we had a chalet that backed onto the forest, no-one over-looked us and it was perfect for BBQ's.  During the first day there we heard strange noises and soon along came a pheasant.

Are these endangered?  I really don't know; I should google it....but I won't.  Turns out the pheasant was following a female pheasant - what are they called?  Peahens rings a bell but it is likely the wrong bell.

That male pheasant stalked the female for 4 days!  If I was a male pheasant I wouldn't bother!  Seems far too much like hard work.  Regardless, I spent most of the weekend when in the chalet and not drinking stood at the patio doors watching the pheasant who, to be honest, seemed to be wasting his time as the female pheasant just seemed to be ignoring him completely.  I have to admit that I do love the idea of the female having all the control.
So how does this particular story show how C and I are alike - well, I will demonstrate.  C was almost as obsessed with the pheasants and the first morning we woke up there I found him at the patio doors having a cigarette and watching the pheasants who had found a man made den made from the lower branches of the trees to provide some shelter.  Why were they in the den (separately of course because the female still had all the power in this would be relationship)?  Well, because C had been there earlier in the morning laying bits of pork pie down for them! Granted, I may have used bread but you get the idea.  If pheasants aren't carnivores these ones certainly were now.....
The next day C found me at the patio doors enticing a pigeon with bread because I am entertained by the smallest of things. I know they are greedy little things but I was quite impressed with myself for getting it so close to me but I have no idea why considering pigeons that live in London will sit on your hand for food.
And lets not forget the ducks because they were really friendly or maybe they were just hungry or greedy and really could care less what we were doing as long as it meant we were feeding them. C and I were trying to entice a duck into the chalet as you can see from this photograph but then we decided it might be difficult to get it back out of the chalet and Hubby would likely have a heart attack.

And lets not forget C loves me for my caring side.  On our travels to the pancake house we saw this little bunny wabbit.  Though you cannot see it in the photograph this little mite was smaller than my hand and scared to death.  You could touch it and it would not move.  A and I were so upset we insisted on going to customer services to get the rangers out to rescue it before it died of stress.  As much as I love pancakes little scared bunny wabbits come first.

So there you have it, C loves life as much as I do.  There is good in everything as far as he is concerned and he loves to the fullest and is not afraid to show his feelings.  Sometimes there is nothing better than going to your brother and being enveloped in a great big bear hug knowing that he loves you for the person you are and wouldn't change you for the world. He even puts up with the aliens in my head.

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