Friday, 21 June 2013

Sunday is a day of rest

Okay, so following on from my post about what I do on a normal Saturday, here is what I do on a normal Sunday.  Sunday is a day of less work and more fun but I wouldn't necessarily say it was a complete day of rest so here is a typical Sunday:

  • Woke up at silly o'clock because my body is incapable of a lie-in
  • Did a blog post while Hubby snoozed upstairs
  • Had a bit of a play on a different computer game than Saturday, ensuring I get a gold score on every level because I am far to OCDish for my own good
  • Put the drying up away and cleaned up the kitchen as Beautiful B brought far too many pots downstairs
  • Ate some toast, made lovingly by Hubby
  • Watched two episodes of The Chase with Hubby
  • Spent an hour with Mum and Dad and got told off for getting Dad a Fathers Day present
  • Dropped Hubby off at home and went to pick up the replacement Vax Steamer and bought Emilia some clothes as I couldn't resist the top because it had a giraffe on it.  I'm also going to buy her a Hello Kitty bed too - .  Her Build a Bear Hello Kitty does not have her own bed adn little Emilia covets the bed every time she goes into the shop.  If I can't spoil my God-daugther then something is seriously wrong with the world. 
  • Nipped to Tesco to buy Beautiful B some shopping and some lunch
  • Had lunch with Hubby, watched another episode of The Chase
  • Helped Hubby cover the garden furniture up to protect it from the rain and swept the garden
  • Had a bit more of a play, replaying 3 levels until I got gold
  • Updated this blog post
  • Picked up Beautiful B from work and took her to her dad's grave so she could say hello on Father's Day
  • Plucked eyebrows while in the car waiting for Beautiful B at the grave
  • Played a different computer game for 2 levels; no gold scores on this one but I insisted on finding the 3 hidden shells before I finished the level
  • Fed the fluff bags because I can't steam floors if they have chewed my feet off in hunger
  • Swept the ground floor
  • Put the new Vax Steamer together
  • You will be glad to hear that it works wonders on a marble hearth
  • It also works wonders on a white tile kitchen floor!  I am one very happy woman and all is right with the world at this precise moment....because I am sad
  • Made tea
  • Washed the pots up
  • Ate tea and then washed the second load of pots up
  • Watched two episodes of perception
  • Washed the final round of pots and pans
  • Played a level on a computer game; failed miserably
  • Polished the furniture downstairs
  • Sorted the post and filing
  • Sat down to some good TV watching in bed with the fluff bags while Hubby watches the US Open golf

As you can see nowhere near as busy as yesterday!   And this post isn't in the slightest bit amusing so if you think some of my others are I apologise.....

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