Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What I learned this week

This week has been mixed; some days good (those would be the days I was not at work) some days not so good (you guessed it, the work days).  So it is a very good job that there was only one work day in there.

At this very moment (which is obviously not right now because I wrote this post earlier in the week) I am putting off having a look at a leaky pipe and simultaneously annoyed that someone has ripped a piece of paper in half, obviously to make a note of something, when it is very clear that I am half way through accounts on it.

Anyway; lessons this week have been:

  • Erm, I do burn and yes it is easier to admit that to Hubby than I thought it would be; proabably something to do with having a nose so red it looked like I was an alcoholic for a while - there isn't really a defence when the evidence is stacked against you.

  • Talking of alcohol; gin is actually vodka with spices added to flavour for gin; the spices are a secret recipe.

  • You know it is time to go on a diet when you are struggling to get your wedding ring off and there is no way you are going to have it made bigger because it is too precious.

  • Beautiful B can pick some films that are just plain weird.  The Purge is one of the most disturbing I have seen in a long time.  The idea of making a film about a society that can legally beat and kill each other for a 12 hour period once a year is strange enough but for there not to be a 'happy' ending just feels wrong - it didn't feel like entertainment.

  • When driving at 30 mph there is a 20% chance of killing someone if you run them over; at 35 mph, a mere 5 mph extra and that chance jumps up to 55% and at 40 mph that statistic jumps to 80%.  Chilling!

  • Driving in third gear will not ruin your engine but does make it easier to stay at 30 mph or less.  If your engine starts to screech at you to change gears you know you are driving too fast.  It really does work!

  • It really is possible for my daughter to sit and eat a family size bag of Doritos when engrossed in a film at the cinema and yes; it still annoys me even if she is eating quietly.  After 20 minutes of the munching it gets kind of annoying.  After nearly an hour it is far to easy to turn to her and say quietly; "Surely you have nearly finished them?"

  • I shouldn't be surprised; it was possible for me to munch my way through 6 satsumas while watching Man of Steel; you kind of don't realise you are doing it when so engrossed.

  • It is dangerous to take a paper and pad to the cinemas because you will find yourself, before the films start and in-between films, noting down ideas for improving the work team's intranet page and having a separate page to note things down for urgent jobs you have to do at work.  Well, you do if you are me - which you are not and (I am guessing) you are very grateful for having just read this lesson.

  • Another random fact for you: Doner kebabs - should be 85% lamb, 10% binding products, 5% spices and salt. Having tested 9 kebabs only 1 was all lamb - others included chicken and beef, rabbit. One testing area expect a 60% failure rate when testing purely for lamb. Another council expects and allows only lamb in a kebab but others may accept other ingredients. Isn't our law great?! 

  • There is many a time that I sit and wonder what Beautiful B's house is going to look like when she moves out because she leaves everything to the last minute; often until she comes home from work or for another day.  I am picturing dirty back gardens, dust and the need to hoover EVERYWHERE.

  • There is some blue sky today after 2 days of rain so I had best take the opportunity to hack at the triffid in the front garden before it takes someone's eye out as they are randomly walking past our garden.  You know, seen as the plant is rude enough to start growing over and past the garden wall.

  • It is possible to walk less than 30 feet and get drenched by a sudden heavy shower!  I found myself wondering whether wet trousers sticking to my legs is akin to a baby wearing a wet nappy...without the pee obviously.
So what did you learn this week?

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