Monday, 17 June 2013

Remember the steamer obsession?

A story of two parts:

Part 1

Those of you that read this blog regularly may recall an earlier post about my obsession with steamers and the need for cleanliness with the least requirement for any kind of exercise.

You may also recall my disappointment at the one my mum and dad were kind enough to buy me.  You remember; the one that left the floor wet and dried with streaks which called to my OCDishness in a bad way.

You may also recall that I was seriously thinking about asking a friends wife if I could come and see how good her VAX steamer is.  Well, yes I didn't do that but not because it may have been considered strange and more because I am a bit of a lazy mare.

Anyhoo, after much deliberation I bit the bullet and bought the said VAX steamer.  An unknown, at the time bonus, was that you can get some detergent for it and so of course I bought that because I love it when my house smells clean and fresh.  Hey!  Don't knock it, so would you if you had 4 dogs.  A nice fragrance of 'citrus burst' goes very well with the sunny hot weather we are having of late.

Speaking of which, my insistence to Hubby last night that "I do NOT burn" was slightly wrong because the top of my arms are feeling slightly delicate this morning and have a slight pinkish tinge; damn this aging thing where your skin gets fairer as your hair gets grayer.  I do miss being asked frequently if I have 'spanish' in my blood line.

Today I unwrapped the bad boy of a steamer and it was fantastic.  It cleaned my floors while leaving them almost dry immediately afterwards.  I have to say the 'citrus burst' wasn't very strong but then again I am a lover of being able to smell just how clean things are which is probably much stronger than people who aren't a bit mental.

That was what happened for the first half of my cleaning spree.  For the second half the floor was drenched and the steamer wasn't steaming.  Not good!  I did wonder if I had broken it, or at the least exhausted it, because I had used almost a continuous burst of steam (and isn't that the point after all) so I switched it off and tried the next day.

Same problem, so after failing spectacularly to pull it's parts apart to repack in the box I tucked the box under my arm and put the steamer, complete, in the car and took it back to the shop having had a Facebook conversation with a friend who has a steamer and her determining that I may have 'bought a lemon.'  I can pick the new one up on Sunday.

Part 2

It is Sunday morning and I have received a text to say the Vax Steamer is ready to collect.  Killing two birds with one stone I collect it at the same time as picking some shopping up for Beautiful B - isn't multi tasking wonderful.

After melting on the way home because the sun is out in force at 23 degrees today, I get home and unpack the steamer.  Hubby is having a snooze before the final day of the US Open Golf tournament starts so I may as well steam while he is upstairs. 

It's a good start when it actually starts steaming, but them the first one did.  I do have, in the back of my mind that I broke the first one by keeping the steam trigger down.  Or maybe, it has a mechanism to shut off steaming when the mop head is completely wet; in which case the original wasn't broken, I was just being impatient.  As you can see my mind does strange things when allowed to run away with itself.  Of course the original was broken because it didn't steam the second time I tried it.

Anyhoo, the new steamer has merrily steamed its way round the ground floor of the house, well; not on it's own because a) that would be fantastic but we would have teleported to 2050 or something.  It has done a great job on the fire's marble hearth saving me quite a bit of elbow grease and done a faboulous job of my white tile kitchen floor.  So yes, I am sold.

Beautiful B came rushing in from seeing nanny and grampa asking if it was working.  I informed her yes and that she would find it easier than using the mop when she decides to get back to doing the household chores assigned to her on a regular basis.

The floors are clean, streak and dust free and I am one happy girl.  I am off to polish to woodwork now.  Toodleloos!


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