Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sometimes I despair

I love my Hubby, more than life itself but sometimes I wonder how he would cope if I died when it comes to DIY or any type of repairs!  

I've come out of watching Man of Steel (fabulous fun by the way) to a text from Beautiful B telling me that something must be leaking in the bathroom cupboard because her bedding is wet and 2 of them have mould on. Clearly, then, whatever is leaking has been doing it for quite some time. Naturally, I call Hubby who says he has had a look and can only find a single drip but he hasn't done anything like run the shower to see if that leak is more powerful when the shower is running. 

He thinks that it is a copper pipe leaking when the plumber used plastic ones when fitting the shower. As I informed him, that may be the case but if he has run that pipe off another one that connects to that copper pipe it may leak if it hasn't been closed off properly. Silence on the phone people; silence! 

We can apparently have a look when I get home or tomorrow when he is at work. I am more likely than Hubby to insist the plumber returns to fix it and that it does not cost a penny. I'm also more likely to insist that we are refunded for the bedding too!  As much as I do not like confrontation, Hubby hates it more than I do. 

Lastly, doesn't it always happen when you are short of funds!  

So I will sit watching The Purge with part of my brain on leaky pipes. Great!  Which is probably why Hubby didn't text to tell me; he would have thought there was no point worrying me as I can't do anything about it here!  And that there peeps is why I love him do!  

Thinking about it, I am covered by the insurance and Britush Gas for leaky pipes so knowing that I can watch the film in peace. 

Oh and on a totally different note: WOLVERINE is back.....half NAKED!!!! Can I book my front row seat for the films release now?  

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