Thursday, 2 May 2013

Work and more work and I only have myself to blame

I can hear you all now....Why, pray tell, are you to blame?!  For taking annual leave in the first place would be my response.

Despite the size of the organisation I work in there are only 2-3 people that provide the type of guidance (wait a moment while I fall about laughing at the idea that I can provide guidance of the required type) we do.

As the organisation is reducing cost staffing has inevitably reduced and so the work increases.  If I take leave my work is not covered by anybody else.  

Having taken 3 days off to enjoy myself in CenterParcs (with a day to have a vodka detox) I have returned to work to 99 emails (which increased to 110 within the first hour).  My manager also only works part of the week so I cover her work and to top it off I have dared to book 2 weeks leave from the 18th May to rest and recuperate and have a little 'me' time at home.

So therefore, I have to shovel 4 weeks work into 2 weeks and catch up on my 3 days off work.  

That is all assuming that I can actually respond to any of these emails correctly (let's face it, in some cases I fail to understand what the email is actually about).....

So all of this makes me a busy girl and I promise I will try and keep up with the blogging daily but I cannot promise anything.

Having said that, I do have lots of photos of pheasants and hungry ducks and a lonely little baby rabbit from CenterParcs so maybe I can stretch that out over a few posts....


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