Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Celebrations are a coming....

Today marks the 21st birthday of Beautiful B's boyfriend, Ry.  He has almost become a permanent fixture at our house over the past 18 months and it seriously does not seem that long ago that he walked into my daughter's life.  

I always said that Beautiful B needed to find a boyfriend just like Hubby and Ry reminds me so much of him....without all the sport and old programme watching!  

Ry has been a rock for Beautiful B throughout the loss of her sister and father and let's face it, having only been together for 3 months he could so easily have decided he did not need the hassle and walk away.  The fact that he didn't and stayed to hold her hand along with Hubby and is all the testimony I need to be convinced just how much he loves my Beautiful B.

Ry has had more than his fair share of heartache for a 21 year old and has suffered loss like no 21 year old should have to.  Whether that has helped shape him into the great person he is now or whether he has always been like he is does not matter; all I know is that he has helped guide Beautiful B down a road she was too young to have to walk.

Whilst the devotion he feels for Beautiful B is clear, he tempers that with providing a grounding for Beautiful B using one liners and quips to make her (and us) laugh.  I have lost count of the number of times that Beautiful B has been inconsolable one minute but within half an hour he has her laughing so loud that we can hear the peels of laughter throughout the house.  He provides something for her that I doubt anyone else could provide so well.

Ry holds his cards close to his chest and while he has a strength that I have never seen before in a man so young he also has a vulnerable side.  While it sounds selfish I have to say that mixture works so well for Beautiful B as he can empathise with her feelings of loss and anger but provides the strength to help her move on with her life.

I only hope that one day Ry is able to confide in Hubby and I if needed so that we can provide the strength he may sometimes need.  

He is taking my daughter on her first holiday abroad and I will worry less because she is with him; in fact, I would have banned any attempt by Beautiful B to go abroad with a bunch of girlfriends. Ry will provide her a safety net and as he is the sensible one of the couple and will temper Beautiful B's enthusiasm with reality.  I am not convinced that he would be able to talk her out of an excursion to see the turtles but I also know that he wouldn't try as she so desperately wishes to see them and so he will move heaven and earth to make sure she does.

I have to accept my Beautiful B is growing up and while I worry about whether she is sufficiently worldly wise to move out of hour home and set up a little homestead with Ry I know that there are no safer hands for her to be in and that is high praise indeed from me.

So, Happy 21st Birthday Ry.  Hubby and I hope you have a great one!  We will be celebrating it with you tonight and I look forward to meeting your family for the first time.  Are you as excited as I am or wondering already how I will manage to embarrass myself with them?


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