Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank holidays - don't you just love them?

Is it just me or does it feel like a sneaky day off work? This one does; after all, I have just returned from CenterParcs and am coming up to a 2 week rest and relaxation session at home while Beautiful B is sunning herself with Ry in Greece during the back end of May.

Having house-sat (is that even a word?) for my brother this weekend I am more than liable to have had a sneaky lie in – as you can tell I am writing this beforehand – no I wasn’t a girl scout and some would argue that I am not that organised but one must try every now and again.

They return today though so I am just as likely to have got out of bed early and run the hoover around the house, set the dishwasher going, fluffed all the cushions up, polished and lit all the candles. 

Sad I know but I have seriously considered offering to be their house-keeper now that the other one has just quit.  Hubby would say I was mental and admittedly it will eat into my TV catch-up schedule so I really shouldn’t be so stupid.

Anyhoo, normally I would find something to do at home – after all, although I am rubbish at DIY and Hubby is worse than me bank holidays are made for DIY or a visit to a garden centre.  The latter is out seen as I ensure that we had Indian stone paving put down ALL OVER our back garden unless I decide we can find the money for a new power washer seen as I managed to break the other one.  Look – the hosepipe came off the power washer and I tried pushing it back on without turning the water off – OK?  Surely, it can’t have been my fault it shoved it’s tails between its legs, curled over and died now is it!

However; we are at C and A’s and we are more than likely to catch up with them in the local pub or go out for a pint and a meal at a countryside restaurant and while away the day catching up with each other. 

The alternative is that I go home and decide that I need to clean the house from top to bottom and send Hubby upstairs to watch his sport.  While I am on the subject of cleaning do you want to know what really bugs me?  Flatscreen TVs with shiny bases – only a man could have designed them with a shiny base.  You dust it and 15 minutes later it needs dusting again!  Or is that just me and my fluffers?!

I am sat here hoping for some sun and being honest I am sat here imagining sitting in my usual seat at home and seeing all 4 dogs lined up on the patio sunbathing; well except for Fredster who will be sat near them in a shady spot panting his head off like the chief lion watching over his pride.

Have a happy bank holiday everybody.

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