Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What I learned this week

I was in two minds as to whether to dedicate this wholly to P!nk but as I am going to write a full post about my night of fun I will stick with:

• I'm jealous of those peoplewhose wrists P!nk signed because I would have totally had a tattooist trace over that the very next day! I'm not jealous of all the standing they did though!

• I can still drive and go "aaah" at the tiny lambs in the field and "ooooh" at the beauty of the hills when driving over the top of them on the way to Newcastle.

• Like many, I feel physically sick at the antics of those twisted people who think they have a valid reason for blowing people up (honestly I already knew that).

• I learned how grateful I am to the woman who arranged quick courier pick up of hubby's 40th birthday gift so a replacement can be here in time for his birthday! After all, how awful would it be to not get a gift from ANY of your family as they all contributed to the 'damaged in transit' extremely expensive present??

• You really should not lie down on a hotel bed after travelling for 4 hours to decide whether to go back out to the cinema because you will realise how tired you are.

• You can be away for 4 1/2 hours and miss your hubby and Beautiful B.

• Tou will jump more at a film such as Paranormal Activity 4 when in a strange hotel room than you would in a cinema or at home.

So what did you learn this week? As I am away to join the club and publish what you learned this week go to last weeks post on my blog called 'What I learned this week' and follow the destructions. As always, looking forward to your comments. X

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