Thursday, 4 April 2013

The aliens have landed

I’m beginning to think that Cala is at fault for all the strange dreams I am having.  At least, her waking me at silly o’clock seems to allow me to slip into REM sleep as some of my best most crazy dreams are in the early morning.

Monday mornings dream went as follows:

Driving home one day with a friend (couldn’t tell you who but it definitely wasn’t Hubby) we saw strange iridescent tear drop shaped organisms fall from the sky.  Stopping the car to have a nosy (definitely not Hubby, he wouldn’t have let me get out of the car, claiming that aliens landing can only be a bad thing). 

These small glowing organisms could communicate information they couldn’t possibly know such as our names, ages etc. 

Before I arrived home to show my mum my new found friend and their abilities I had somehow turned into a child (very strange to watch your child self who is mentally older than she should be).

Mum was a little suspicious feeling that her daughter should exercise slightly more caution around the alien being, who by this time was merrily finding me a lovely girlie outfit to wear.

Mum’s caution proved to be the right thing to do when said being indicated that they were here to have maintain relationships with humans but not to worry I was far too young to be married yet – in their world I was only 2 years old and needed to be 7 at least – oh well no need to worry excessively then…….clearly.

I recall shutting a door in the dream which may have been to hide the alien’s nosiness from my mum.  The next thing I know I am in a car trying to reverse out of a drive way as I deemed my little alien friend to you to drive a car…..but as I was 2, obviously I was fully able to do that.  Clearly not a sensible thing to claim when said being was 7 and therefore older than I.    

Later in the dream I was in a hospital preparing to give birth to a little baby girl.  I was much older and looking forward to having a little girl that would have a perpetual glow about her (let’s face it, no need for moisturiser if she glows on her own) with the little alien being pottering floating about.

I have no idea if she glowed when born because Abi rudely woke me up and despite trying to fall back into sleep to return to the dream it was not to be.  I am often aware that I am dreaming and just enjoy the show but this time it somehow felt more real. 

I can only assume that this weird dream is a result of 2 things:
watching the first episode of Revolution where planes with the landing lights on can be seen falling through the night sky as the electricity shuts down; and
looking forward to seeing a film called “The Host” based on a story by Stephanie Meyer.  Revolution was very enjoyable and if the film is anywhere as good as the book it should be a real treat.

I haven’t bothered telling Hubby about the latest dream.  He gets very concerned about my dreams and certainly doesn’t seem to enjoy them as much as I do.  He loves me, complete with all my craziness, but as he worries incessantly about me at the best of times he doesn’t really need any encouragement.

I really don’t see what there is to get concerned about…

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