Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I wonder where she gets it from

Hubby only asked for coffee
I wonder where she gets it from?

A particularly annoying day on Wednesday at work, having spent a good 3 hours putting evidence together for an appraisal that no-one but my manager and her manager will ever read and then another hour discussing it.  I came out of that meeting to a text from Beautiful B asking what time I would be home and would I like to go to Tesco with her. 

I usually work until silly o’clock on a Wednesday night because Hubby plays snooker round the corner from work and I don’t see the point of going all the way home to come all the way past work again 2 hours later to pick him up.  Beautiful B knows this and as she had only just been paid that morning I responded with:

“Why?  Is your wage burning a hole in your pocket, are you after using my car as a taxi service or both?”

“Just fancied a look around.  Oh and can Ry come?”

Despite knowing there was an element of convenience in her request, I’d had my fill of work for the day so said I would be home shortly – that was at 3pm; I finished at 6.20pm! 

Nearly 2 hours later we were only just going through the checkout at Tesco because Beautiful B had mooched around the shop for nearly 2 hours.  Having R to bounce off was fun! Ry and I were pulling all sorts of things off the shelves; admittedly I was looking at things rather than pulling them apart, bouncing them, blowing bubbles with them etc as Ry was – his entertainment looked more fun but at 40 I should make an effort to look normal every now and again.

Which probably isn’t what the man in the card aisle thought as he walked away laughing after I told R this joke: I nearly died at the Nestle factory today.  I was trapped for ages and every time I shouted “The Milky Bars are on me.” everyone just cheered!!

I don’t think Beautiful B got it.

That was just before Ry and I had a serious conversation about how dangerous it was to stack 50 inch TV boxes on their edges with the TV’s inside as they could easily get knocked over.  Ry demonstrated this by nudging one gently.  A heart attack later I told him off!

I decided to purchase the entire Twilight saga despite Hubby claiming that I won’t watch it again.  I will damn you I will!

Beautiful B saw friends near the bakery aisle – which was both wonderful and dangerous area to stop in.  I was very much like a child at Disney; happily having a conversation with said friends one minute and then saying “oooh….(insert any kind of bakery good you can think of here)” and rushing off to find it.

I did find a new choux ├ęclair.  I don’t ‘do’ fresh cream but this one had raspberry flavoured cream and was worth the risk because it had sparkly, yes sparkly raspberry sauce on the top!

I had to try it there and then.  Beautiful B was not happy with my attempt at sharing after all she had lost 2 ½ lbs that week and did not want to put it back on.  Ry appeared with an open bottle of strawberry and banana smoothie – he had obviously been through this experience before and feared he may expire from dehydration if he didn’t drink it in the store.

Other things to catch my eye; part baked bread rolls, some sort of funny bread with herb, and tomato melted cheese in (only because I have never seen it before) and chocolate chip muffins. 

Purchases of smelly cheese bread sticks that Hubby loves, cheese and yoghurts later I can only assume that the inability to recall other purchases is because I have slept since.  Surely bakery goods, a DVD, cheese and yoghurts don’t cost £78.

Beautiful B’s bill was less than mine, admittedly not by much, and only part of her purchases were legitimately required – presents for her sister’s birthday.

One could ask where she gets it from.  If you asked Hubby he would tell you me especially after he worried I’d had an accident on Saturday when I disappeared to Tesco for 2 items only to return an hour and a half later with 4 bags full of items we ‘needed’ – admittedly not right then but at some stage in the future we most definitely would. 

He should know me by now; I have after all done that before - Instead of normal windowing shopping (you know, shoes, clothes, bags…) I window shop in supermarkets.  Going to a supermarket is like visiting my mum for ½ hour; it’s never just ½ hour.  In a supermarket I just get distracted seeing things that I immediately think Hubby and Beautiful B would like.

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