Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Part 3 - How hubby and I almost never were

So we left off where Hubby had been interrogated by Beautiful B over pizza.

I was oblivious to what is now obvious.  We had grown closer when I moved to the project team and sub-consciously the door was open because I was leaving in a bid to become the nuttiest accountant in this Department.

Friday dawned and my last day at work before the hard work started.  Taking my wonder drug (otherwise known as migraine medication) I was fit for work and another 7 hour drinking session.  The team and I vacated work and relocated to the nearest pub and drank and drank and drank.  The usual round the table games started, you know the ones where parents move their children across the pub....speed dating with the inevitable "Have you ever...." and "What is your favourite..." type questions - some of which made me gasp and I am no prude.

Around 8 o'clock I got a text from Hubby who was sat at the other end of the table...."I want to hold you but I can't.  but I will later tonight."  I read it in astonishment, thought "OK" and decided he had already had too much to drink.  Whilst on the subject, Hubby's right eye closes slowly in relation to how much alcohol he consumes!

Later we took off to town, Jo played some air guitar, Hubby disappeared and returned with a lollipop; my favourite sweet of choice, which mixed amazingly well with vodka, lime and lemonade.  We danced, we swayed, we drank together, we smiled at each other, we both took care of Jo.  

You know hubby is the one when he insists on ensuring Jo gets home to her husband, paying for a taxi to go 8 miles in one direction and then 12 miles back to return to me.  I dread to think how much that cost him.  

Hubby and I did hold each other that night, and we kissed and we have been together ever since.  

I am so lucky, two weeks in and he was seriously considering if I was worth the hassle.  2 puppies under the age of 6 months that barked and barked and barked made it hard for him to hear me when I talked (really I mumble so no wonder he struggled to hear me).  Luckily he persisted and decided I was worth it.  He told his mum all about me after I had sat him down to explain that I could not have children and that if he wanted any of his own we needed to split up there and then and him instantly saying that he wanted me more than any child.  

He fell in love with me more after I spontaneously turned up on his mothers door step armed with a bouquet of flowers to introduce myself and after I frequently knocked on her door for a girlie chat over a drink and biscuits.

Beautiful B fell in love with hubby because he became her friend first and foremost, then her confidant and mentor.  He went home after seeing me for nearly a year before staying over to make sure that Beautiful B was comfortable and her life was stable.  

So you see, we almost never were; firstly we didn't see the wood for the trees and then it hit us like a whirlwind and secondly my fluff bags nearly ruined it for all of us.  He wouldnt be without those fluff bags now....though admittedly he would happily remove Freddy fluffs voice box.

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