Friday, 21 December 2012

Five Things Friday

It is only right that this weeks Five Things Friday is related to Christmas!

Five things I love about Christmas:

1     Christmas Decorations

I am one of those individuals that would happily have Christmas decorations up in the house all year round.  I love the way they look, the way the Christmas tree lights sparkle, the way the tinsel shines, the numerous Santas and reindeers and snowmen I have scattered around the ground floor, the way the bells on some of the tree decorations tinkle when the fluffers walk past the tree a little too close.... 

I love the way Beautiful B and I put Christmas music on and sing and dance while decorating the house, I love the closeness of it all, I love the memories we talk about.

I love that each year Hubby and I go to his mum's to put up her tree and lights so that she can decorate the best.  Hubby does not enjoy the run up to Christmas, he hates all the commerciality of it all but he enjoys Christmas Day.  How it became his job to put up his mum's tree each year I do not know - what I do know is that it is fun for his mum and I to sit there saying "move it to the left a little...look there is a spot with no lights - just move that red one up a touch...."

2.   Christmas Stocking and advent calendars

I love the fact that despite being 18 years old Beautiful B still wants an advent calendar to open every day of December and a stocking stuffed full of goodies to wake up to on Christmas morning.  She does it because of the memories it brings her...and also because she is a big kid just like her mum.

3.   Satsumas

A weird one I know but then I am weird.  I LOVE satsumas.  They are a fruit that should be available all year round (as should cherries) instead of just December.  They are the only orange I can eat that does not induce a migraine straight away - though too many can do.  Despite that I buy 2 nets of them each week and can be seen with 2 on my desk every day.  They bring back memories of my mum buying a whole greengrocers box of satsumas and splitting them with Angel's mum each year just to maintain a plentiful supply for me.

4.    Shopping

Not for presents as I find it really difficult to decide what to buy people.  After all Beautiful B is no longer a child and this year has been especially difficult as she didn't hint at anything she wanted.  Buying a smart HD TV sorted that though thankfully because she needs a blu-ray DVD player to go along with it of course.

No, what I love is the food shopping.  Granted I eat too much of food at the best of times and I have loaded weight on since the wedding and need to lose it again after Christmas but what I enjoy is the stocking up of non-perishable foods for the Christmas period.  Hubby and I buy 1 or 2 things a week so slowly a cupboard fills up with Christmas food.  Boxes of chocolates are bought for the visitors that will come over Christmas and for the times we sit in front of the TV and watch rubbish TV as a family.  

I love that the supermarkets play Christmas songs which serve to make me sing and dance in the aisles, often not realising I am doing it - Hubby and Beautiful B will never get over the embarrassment but they are getting used to it.

I love (but also hate in a way) the need to be at Marks & Spencers at 8am on Christmas Eve to get the pick of the Christmas finger food; though this year I am more organised and have ordered the food for collection.  Alas, the novelty requisite Christmas cake (sponge of course because fruit cake is yuk!) is not on this years list as the price has increased from £15 to £25 which is truly diabolical.

5.    Family get-togethers

I think everyone loves these.  I am lucky enough to live on a neighbouring street to mum and dad and my aunty and uncle so see them regularly but there is nothing better than Christmas Day when Hubby, Beautiful B and I have opened presents to get dressed and go and see mum and dad when my aunty and uncle will come across the road (because yes, they live in the house directly opposite mum and dad) so we can exchange gifts.  

I won't impose on my mum for Christmas dinner as she cooks for my aunty and uncle and it is too much at her age in my opinion so we are either at Hubby's mum after that or everyone comes to our house - Hubby cooks, I cannot get everything to be ready on time. Carrots are never on the menu as they refuse to cook properly in our house.  

This year Christmas dinner is at a lovely nearby pub who serve gorgeous food.  Extortionate prices but lovely food - it is what Hubby's mum wanted so money has to be no object, she comes first.

Boxing Day is usually a family get together at mum and dads, with fun, laughter, and alcohol.

This year Hubby, me, Beautiful B, the BF, mum, dad and Hubby's mum are off to the our favourite restaurant, Sapori's, who did our wedding reception; for New Years Eve.  A beautiful meal following by letting the New Year in with wonderful people who care about their local customers.  A great time will be had by all.

There is nothing better than family.  They sustain us each and every day.  To spend Christmas and New Year reminding ourselves of our love for each other is wonderful.  I am lucky enough to be able to do that on more than a weekly basis, Christmas just reiterates it but with more sparkle and wonder.

So what are your five favourite things about Christmas?

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