Monday, 8 August 2011

Angels in disguise

We are very rarely blessed - I am in many ways but in no way more than the day I met you when I kicked your broken arm when attempting to jump over a wall.  Luckily you forgave me and we have been best friends ever since.

As children we were glued together, today we are glued together as much as we can be with family commitments and distance further than from number 28 to number 62.  You have enriched my life for 25 years!!!!!  Oh my goodness, I have just read that number back to myself!

Angel, you have taught me so very much - you have taught me loyalty when I needed it most during one of the hardest times of my life.  You stood by me despite hating what I went through with my first husband.  You were there as my rock and continued to be. 

You were there for me during my second biggest mistake and stayed there even when I pulled away for 3 years; initially through depression and then as time went by because I couldn't stand the idea of being rejected by you.

It was Hubby that made me stand at your front door while he sat in the car as a support while my knees knocked and you opened the door to welcome me with open arms after 3 years with the simple statement "Wow girl, you've gone blonde."

Since then we have caught up on old times, my stupidity is not talked about as there is no need, and we picked up where we left off as though the 3 years never happened.

In that time, I hope that I have repaid your kindness and loyalty in spades, when you have needed a sounding board, a shoulder to cry on, a counsellor or a best friend. 

I have cried many tears in anger and frustration at how hard your life has become and how unfair things are.  I have cried many tears at your bravery for the past 5 years and I cannot believe that it has been 5 years since that awful phone call when I was told you had had a stroke at such a young age.  We found out it wasn't a stroke but something much worse and your strength and determination is a standard for all to follow.

There have been times where you have felt that things are unfair and voiced that and they are few but I hope that I have been there to give you the strength, along with your wonderful family, to carry on and fight for health.

You have always been on the highest pedestal I could find, always and you always will be.  We are sisters in every which way but blood and always will be.  I miss being able to bob up the street to see you like I could when we were kids; I miss the holidays our families took together; I miss the ability to have more frequent catch-ups with you.

I cannot think of another person, bar Hubby and Beautiful B, that I would want to be best friends with for 25 years and I cannot wait to spend another 25 with you.  You make me a better person even if you do worry about me almost as much as Hubby does.

Always know that you are my sister!

Happy Birthday Angel.

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