Sunday, 7 August 2011

5 years, almost 6

Nearly 6 years ago I met you for the first time.  You looked so much younger than your years and you had more energy than I did.  You welcomed me into the family with open arms. I doubt that when Hubby first told you about me that you were expecting to be told that he was serious about me but that I would never be able to provide you with a biological grandchild.  You took my daughter on as your own grandchild and I know that even if I could give you a biological grandchild you would not love Beautiful B any less than you do.

You have two beautiful sons, one of whom I am lucky enough to be engaged to.  Hubby saved me; I wasn't looking for him yet I needed him.  I wasn't looking for you yet in you I found another mum.

I am so very sorry that I never got to meet Brendon and I missed meeting him by a whiskers breath compared to the life he lived but in Hubby I see him every day as they are like two peas in a pod both in looks and I believe in a lot of mannerisms.  I know I would have loved him as you all do because he helped you mould Hubby into the man I am going to marry.

Your glass is always overflowing and in that we are very much alike.  You are also a little bit scatty and although he doubts it, I think that is what Hubby first liked about me and why he was so attracted.  It is the overflowing glass that allows you to cherish the life that Brendon had rather than hate that it was taken away too early, that which allows you to share the stories and pictures of your life together so that I can learn more about the man you loved because Hubby is too distraught to share those pictures with me.

I hope that I give you as much as you give me in all the little things I do for you.  I enjoy our weekly trips for the weekly food shopping and the chance to catch up without the boys and talk of football.  I love the more personal conversations that I can have with you knowing that you will not share them with anyone without my permission.  I love that you gave me your son, whom I worship and adore with every fibre of my being and for moulding him into the person I love today.  You instilled in him all your virtues, beliefs, empathy and love and he willingly shares them with everyone he meets most of all Beautiful B and I.  Because of you and Brendon Beautiful B finally has the father she should have had from before she was born and because of you I have a hubby who is making up for the many years I tried to find him others.

Happy Birthday Mum - may there be many more to share xx

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