Sunday, 17 July 2011

Who knew.....2000 steps

So Friday night, a late one watching the latest and last Harry Potter instalment and then 4 hours sleep to get up for the Next sale.  So, I rolled on up at 5 minutes to 5 a.m. because I may be mad but not enough to queue for a huge amount of time before the shop opened. 

I parked the car outside the store and saw a burger van - never a good sign if someone thinks they can made a fortune selling burgers to women at 5 a.m. in a morning...then I saw the queue, which stretched all the way past Next, the store next to it, down the stairs and all the way past Tesco - should have parked my car 300 metres away!

I had a nice chat with a woman whose husband had come in at silly o'clock in the morning from fighting crime to wake her up to buy trousers for her son.  If only I had an equally virtuous reason.

I thought I would queue for ages but they had obviously been to Florida and taken some pointers from Disney in how to disperse queues of people because we only had to wait 10 minutes.  At least they were nice enough to give us HUGE bags to put all our clothes in.

Being uninitiated but not totally stupid I decided to buy the clothes without trying them on and take back what I didn't want to keep - little had I realised that they don't even open the changing rooms for you to try clothes on.

So I shopped and where possible bought 2 different sizes (a whole 4 and 5 sizes smaller than I used to be - whoop, but then I might just have been hopeful) and in petite sizes to save on the alteration cost, seen as I am a short ass, an' all.

I had 3 HUGE bags at one point and my hands hurt and I was debating if I needed 4 pairs of new shoes to add to the 40 pairs I already had - hubby would be proud, I put one pair back...

.....and so who knew that I could spend £380 in less than an hour (don't worry, over 1/2 is going back for a refund now I have completed the requisite fashion show for hubby) and who knew that you could complete 2000 steps in a sale!  We should have them more often! 

I went home, fluff bags went mental as the car drew up as normal, hubby got up to calm them down to avoid angry neighbours - after all, it was just after 6 a.m. and so I took hubby back to the sale and we spent another £180 in 30 minutes. 

....and yes, he has kept more of his choices than I but then again he didn't buy 2 of everything in different sizes.

Would I do it again?  Not for every sale but I have to admit come the Next sale for their Autumn/Winter range I will be there queuing up again because lets face it, I may need smaller sizes again by that time.....

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