Friday, 15 July 2011

Braving the sales....

Now y'all have probably worked out by now that I am on some kind of slimming quest.  I could tell you all sorts of stories, scary and otherwise but linked to this are two little known things about me:
  • I hate clothes shopping
  • I hate sales shopping even more!
Truly, I avoid it both with a passion.  However, for 2 reasons I am braving the Next sale tomorrow morning at 5 am and will DETEST EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT.

Ignoring the fact that it will be 5AM for crying out loud, said slimming quest has dictated that my "skinny" clothes no longer fit - in fact, a work colleague informed me not 20 minutes ago that she followed me up the corridor on Wednesday and thought "Ribena looks like she is waiting to grow into those clothes."  Trust me, that is a compliment.

I asked Hubby yesterday, who is off work for the open golf championship, to iron me some work clothes (it's not that I am lazy, merely that being the loving husband he is he won't let me iron anything at the moment because of my poorly arms, wrists and hands.....I just need him to iron stuff rather than leave it in the ironing basket....).  When I returned home yesterday he said "Honey, there are no work clothes in the basket to be ironed except these trousers." - which, incidently I have on today and it looks like I have no backside.  So I have kinda figured what I am doing is wearing something for work, deciding it is too big and putting it in a bag to go to the charity shop.

Therefore, despite hating clothes shopping (yes, even when thin and despite being a woman) and hating sales all the more because people tend to get temporary insanity during a sale, I will brave the sale tomorrow morning in the hopes of having some clothes in my wardrobe that look like they belong to me when I wear them.

I may not be sane when I return home, or I may not even return home after being charged for murder because some other silly woman decided to become a mad woman in a bid to snaffle everything in sight and forget her manners.....but, if I do and am still sane, I may regale you with my exploits.

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